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"When there's a power imbalance, it's impossible to stand on an equal footing. Those who are high up don't want to make everyone anxious, so they have no choice but to take a strong stance on everything, and those who are lower down have to be strong and accept everything the leader says."— Enji Koma, Tokyo Ghoul: Void Chapter 4

Enji Koma (古間 円児, Koma Enji) was a ghoul and a former waiter at Anteiku before its destruction. He was also an expert coffee brewer.[4] In his youth, he was known as the Devil Ape (魔猿, Maen)[5] and led the Apes ghoul gang.


Koma typically wears Anteiku's waiter uniform and is the only waiter that wears a bow tie. He has brown hair styled in a pompadour and a bulbous nose. As the Devil Ape, he wears a long white hooded coat with a pair of matching white pants. His ghoul mask is a snarling monkey face with marking on each of the eyes.

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Koma is a polite, playful and proud waiter of Anteiku who acts as Ken Kaneki's supervisor when Yoshimura is not around. He takes pride in his work as a worker of Anteiku and his former glory days as the "Devil Ape" of the 20th ward. Unlike Kaya Irimi, he is more talkative with his coworkers and has a long association with Yoshimura before his employment at Anteiku. The side stories reveal a more forbearing aspect in lone conversations with his friends such as when he discusses the dualism of leader-subordinate relationship and its consequences for people. In the past, Koma had a more violent and brutal temperament.



A decade prior to the series[6], Koma was the leader of a violent gang of ghouls that occupied the 20th Ward. He was infamous for seeking out strong investigators to kill, and had a rivalry with another gang, the Black Dobers. He was approached by Yoshimura, who told of his desire to live in human society without unnecessary violence. Attracted by this idea, he began working at Yoshimura's café, Anteiku. Yoshimura at first assigned him to do cleaning duties, which he initially thought of as boring working that anyone could do. However, he quickly understood that Yoshimura had a special reason for doing so. His initial ineptitude at cleaning annoyed a regular customer named Tsubasa. Additionally, his fellow gang members were outraged that Yoshimura had assigned their leader to do such menial work. However, Koma explained that these activities were helping him learn new things. As time went on, Tsubasa became much friendlier towards him. After a few months of his cleaning activities, Yoshimura finally taught him to brew coffee coffee, and he began working at the counter. However, after Kaya Irimi unexpectedly started working at Anteiku Yoshimura immediately taught her taught her how to brew coffee. She quickly took over the counter, and Koma was relegated back to cleaning. This once again enraged his gang members, but Koma calmed them by explaining that Yoshimura put Irimi in charge of the counter to teach her how to step up to a challenge (as she was not as mature as he was). [7] After Touka Kirishima began working at Anteiku, she asked Koma what the meaning of the name "Anteiku" itself was. Koma merely seems amused that she doesn't know. [8]

Doves' Emergence Arc

Koma asks Ken Kaneki to retrieve a container of coffee beans with a large red label from upstairs. After Kaneki comes back with the container, he warns Kaneki that Hinami Fueguchi is eating upstairs and that he shouldn't disturb her, but Kaneki states he already saw her by accident. Koma explains that female ghouls do not like being watched while eating, and he gives him a cup of coffee to give to Hinami as an apology. [9] After Ryouko Fueguchi is killed by Kureo Mado, Koma is present in the cafe's meeting room appearing sad and depressed. He becomes more despondent when Touka shouts at how Hinami wouldn't be able to survive in the 24th ward (when Yoshimura suggests placing Hinami there), and he looks troubled when Touka suggests they simply kill the investigators. Yoshimura gives Koma descriptions of the investigators with orders to not attack them, and he also asks Koma to help warn their customers. [10] Later, he is seen talking with Kaneki while they are working together in the café. [11]

Gourmet Arc

After Kaneki comes in for a shift, Koma tells him he is now a big shot with their ghoul customers due to how he defeated Koutarou Amon. Then, he tells Kaneki he himself used to be a troublemaker known as the "Devil Ape."[1]

Aogiri Arc

During a conversation with Kaneki and Nishiki Nishio, Koma explains how the ghouls in the 11th ward have organized themselves and are hunting down investigators. As a result of this, he explains that the CCG may be focusing most of their men on this ward, and even civilians are noticing the chaos caused by this conflict. He even goes on to state a war could occur and he may even get the chance to use his "Devil Ape" persona once more. [12] After Kaneki was kidnapped by the Aogiri Tree, Koma and all of the other café employees met in the meeting room to discuss what they should do next. [13] The group decides to rescue Kaneki from the 11th Ward Base. When Koma asks Yoshimura what his role will be in the upcoming mission, the manager asks him to stay and watch the café. While he agrees to this he expresses his disappointment to Irimi that he will not be able to go wild. [14] Later, while Kaneki is being tortured by Yamori at the 11th ward base, he thinks about Koma and everyone else at Anteiku. [15]

Post-Aogiri Arc

A few months later while the café is being rebuilt, Koma speaks to Hinami while he is checking and repairing a coffee machine. After he finishes his work he brews Hinami a cup of coffee and remarks that the café feels lonely without any customers. He then states that before Kaneki began working at Anteiku that he was a frequent customer and enjoyed Koma's coffee. He expresses his worry for Kaneki, and explains to Hinami that Kaneki (in his role as a leader) is likely lonely due to the need to appear strong. He then states that he thinks Kaneki will be fine. He is then surprised when Nishiki shows up asking if they will reopen soon, to which he replies that they will. He then makes Nishiki a cup of coffee, but then Irimi comes and asks to see him about something. [16]

Raid of Kanou's Lab Arc

After Nishiki yells at Roma Hoito for breaking a dish, Koma tells him he shouldn't speak to women in such a manner. He then tells Roma to just be more careful next time. When Nishiki complains about Touka not taking more shifts, Koma states she is studying for her college entrance exam. After Roma starts excitedly talking about Kaneki's destruction of the Ghoul Restaurant, Koma brags that Kaneki once looked up to him as a "mentor." He thens smiles when Roma says she wishes to meet Kaneki. [17]

Post-Raid of Kanou's Lab

Koma is seen brewing a cup of coffee while working a shift at Anteiku. [18] Later, Koma cleans the café one final time prior to the upcoming battle with the CCG. He then drinks a cup of coffee prepared by the manager. When Yoshimura states that things are going to get lonely, Enji reminds him that he and Kaya are with the manager to the end. [19]

Owl Suppression Operation

When the CCG arrives at Anteiku, Koma greets comes (along with Kaya) to greet him in his old persona of the Devil Ape. After taking out several investigators, he then states humans have dull senses when they state there are only two of them. They then jump up on the rooftop to reveal the presence of their old gangs, the Apes and the Black Dobers. Koma then states he hopes the apes aren't out of practice, and tells them to "go wild." [20] He and his group then take out several squads before Mougan Tanakamaru attacks them with Higher Mind. The blast eliminates several of the Apes, but Koma manages to evade. He states that the attack "wasn't nice." When Tanakamaru tells him to go back to "his mountain," he responds that this was his mountain. [21] Observing the battle from afar, Nishiki notes how nice Koma and the others are, and that their sacrifice leaves a bad taste in their mouths. [22] Koma continues his battle with Tanakamaru, and evades all of his attacks. He mocks the latter for shouting whenever he is about to attack. He tries to close in on him, but realizes if he gets too close to the Quinque blast he will be obliterated, and so he falls back. Despite this, he still thinks he has a chance of winning, but is worried about Irimi. [23] Elsewhere, Touka questions Koma's decision to fight the CCG, and remembers her times interacting with him at Anteiku. [24] Later, Koma manages to disconnect Higher Mind from its Quinque case, and then moves in for a final blow. However, unbeknownst to him the Quinque has a short-range mode, and Tanakamaru uses this to blast Koma in this stomach. This injury leaves him unable to move, but then Kaneki arrives and destroys Higher Mind. He then takes Koma with him and leaves the area. [25] Later, Koma and Irimi (along with the remainder of their groups) all try to exit the area through V14. However, they are intercepted by Kishou Arima and the Arima Squad. Their remaining subordinates decide to hold them off in order to give their leaders time to escape via another route. They successfully escape and later meet up with Touka and the others. [26]

Rose Extermination

During the Tsukiyama Family Extermination Operation, Shuu Tsukiyama learns from Matsumae that Mirumo Tsukiyama and the family servants chose to remain behind so that they would have a greater chance of escaping. Upon hearing this, he remembers Koma and the other Anteiku members who stayed behind to fight the CCG a few years previously, and laments how history is repeating itself. [27]

Post-Third Cochlea Raid

Koma shows up at re along with Irimi to the shock of Kaneki. He teases Kaneki that he looks like he has seen a ghost, to which Irimi knees from behind for (as she was thinking the exact same thing). After explaining how they escaped the 20th Ward, Koma states that it was a shame what happened to the manager, but that they are still here. He smiles reminiscently when Kaneki says having them all together makes it feel like "Anteiku." He then states that he and Irimi will watch over :re while Kaneki and the others go to their meeting with other ghoul groups. [26]

CCG Lab Infiltration

When Kaneki is assigning the Goat members tasks for the upcoming mission, Koma asks Kaneki what he wants him to do. When Kaneki says he wants him to "hold down the fort," and Koma agrees. At this, Irimi realizes Koma didn't want to go in the first place.[28] As the mission progresses, Koma is shown helping with communications at the café. He looks at a computer monitor with a worried expression on his face, which Yomo takes note of. [29]

Post-CCG Lab Infiltration

When Kaneki states he fights for those close to him, Koma is one of the people he envisions. [30] Later, after Goat decides that its members will remain mobile at all times, Koma is shown helping to move essential items out of :re, and complains that moving seems to have become a part of their lifecycle.[31]



He possessed a deep loyalty to his employer as he gave him the chance to redeem his past actions.

Kaya Irimi

Koma and Irimi appeared to be on good terms, often being seen together and during the Owl Suppression Operation, wondered whether the other was dead. In the past, they were rivals with opposing gangs that clashed frequently. Koma believes he is stronger than Irimi.

Ken Kaneki

He was an occasional mentor of Kaneki's, providing Kaneki with advice on both coffee brewing and life. He was grateful for being rescued during the Owl Suppression Operation and they happily reunite when their respective battles concluded. When Goat is founded he submits to Kaneki's leadership without opposition.

Touka Kirishima

Koma often acted as a mediator in Anteiku, stopping Touka and the other employees' arguments by brewing them coffee.

Powers and Abilities

As a former ghoul in the 20th ward with a large gang that held a lot of territory, Koma is a formidable fighter. Despite his attitude and looks, he is extremely capable, being able to fight on par with a Special Class Investigator for an extended amount of time. He is very proficient in hand-to-hand combat and is agile enough to handle First Class Investigators for a period of time without injury. He claims that he is stronger than Kaya Irimi, who is labelled as a SS-rated ghoul.

Ghoul Physiology: Living as a full ghoul, Koma possesses a bikaku kagune along with increased physical capabilities.

  • Bikaku Kagune: His kagune takes the form of a monkey tail. His uses for it are mainly prehensile, using it for agile movement on surfaces such as walls and using it to dodge attacks rather than using it as an actual weapon in combat.

Manga Depiction

Anime Depiction


  • Ishida revealed his birth date on his twitter.
  • In Tokyo Ghoul Trump, he is featured as the "Ten of Spades" along with Kaya Irimi.
  • In the Viz Media translation of Tokyo Ghoul, he is known as the "Wicked Ape".
  • Koma is removed from the anime for Tokyo Ghoul:re outside of appearing in flashbacks, likely to limit the number of characters so as to suit the show's episode count and focus.


  • To Hinami: "It's always lonely at the top, no matter how many friends you have."[16]


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