Emma von Rosewald
Kanae's mother Emma (Flashback)
Name Emma von Rosewald
Japanese Name エマ=フォン・ロゼヴァルト
Romaji Ema fon Rozevaruto
Species Ghoul
Status Deceased
Gender Female
Affiliations Tsukiyama family
Rosewald family
Relatives Tsukuru Tsukiyama (Father) †
Kanae von Rosewald's father (Husband) †
Kanae von Rosewald (Daughter) †
Nathanael von Rosewald (Son) †
Arunolt von Rosewald (Son) †
Mirumo Tsukiyama (Brother)
Shuu Tsukiyama's mother (Sister-in-law) †
Shuu Tsukiyama (Nephew)
Tsukiyama family (Distant Relatives)
Manga Debut :re Chapter 52
Anime Debut Re: Episode 11
English VA Tabitha Ray
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Emma von Rosewald (エマ=フォン・ロゼヴァルト, Ema fon Rozevaruto) was the previous mistress of the Rosewald family, the German branch of the Tsukiyama family.


Emma was a well dressed lady with dignified gestures, much like the rest of their family and relatives. She is shown to have significant bags under her eyes; whether the bags are a result of the pressure from her family being targeted for extermination or is a distinct trait of hers is unspecified.


Nothing is known about her personality, as she was never seen talking and soon collapsed after escaping their family raid.


Ten years prior, Matsuri Washuu and other Ghoul Investigators attacked the home of the Rosewalds. Her husband sent her away with the children, sacrificing himself in the process. However, it seems that she died of unknown cases not long afterwards and eventually, only Kanae survived to carry on the family's legacy.




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