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The Bible (聖書, Seisho) is the first chapter of the light novel Tokyo Ghoul: Days.



The story takes place during the time when Kaneki worked at Anteiku. Hide is approached by members of the Occult Research Club, who suspect that Kaneki is actually a Ghoul.

First Part[]

At the Big Girl Restaurant, Hideyoshi Nagachika expresses his love of hamburger steak and admires the way the waitress' over-the-knee socks cuts into her thighs. After thinking about a girlfriend, he tries to remember the phrase to describe the restaurant. He asks Ken Kaneki what the phrase was, mistaking the words several times, using "Kofi Annan" for "Canaan" and "Sham Gorilla" for "Shangri-La." Kaneki became astonished and corrected him, not seeing why Hide would confuse such important terms with the silly replacements he used. After Hide's promise that he will finally remember, Kaneki doubts it, while Hide doubts that it really matters and continues to check out the waitresses. Hide begins a new topic by mentioning that if he had a girlfriend, he would bring her to Big Girl and Kaneki and him decide if it would even be appropriate. Kaneki suggests she could get the pasta on the Big Girl menu and Hide describes a fantasy of splitting it with her. After he hits Kaneki, Hide goes back to wondering what his future girlfriend would look like, hoping she is cute.

Not too far away, a pair of boys began to talk about the new ghoul attacks, and Hide says if met a cute girl who was a ghoul, he would still go out with her, making Kaneki burst out laughing and calls Hide desperate. As they ate, they talked about the ideal girlfriend. Hide thought about ghouls in the middle of their conversation, since he has never seen one and describes the people's detachment from their existence. Hide remembers Kaneki's date with Rize Kamishiro and when he received the news about the accident afterwards. Hide has noticed small changes in Kaneki since, and just then, his friend spits out the hamburger steak he has always loved.

Second Part[]

Ghouls are constant news, causing people to silently panic in the 20th ward, especially in light of the recent deaths of two ghoul investigators and the lack of results from the CCG causes many people to become angry. Meanwhile, Hide visits Anteiku and as Kaneki prepares his coffee, he notes his apparent fragility and the newfound regularity accredited to his recent employment at the cafe. His memory of the car accident is hazy but grateful Touka Kirishima apparently nursed him back to health. As he looks for her in the cafe, Kaneki tells him to stop coming so often. Confused, he listens as Kaneki tells him he should be mindful of his funds since the price of the coffee was high. Hide brushes it aside and his impatience for his coffee annoys Kaneki but makes him laugh by mentioning a professor with hair implants. Touka emerges from the back and he startles her with his excessive surprise. A few days later, Hide again visits Kaneki at Anteiku and pretended to not notice his sudden darkened mood after seeing him. Again, Kaneki tells Hide to not come around for awhile, saying there have been suspicious people around. Not seeing it as a problem, Hide ignores the advice and speculates what his friend is unable to tell him.

A few more days later at Kamii University he wonders what Kaneki meant by "suspicious" people and is so deep in thought he fails to realize class is over. He is approached by members of the Occult Research Club, Kiyama and Sankou. After brief introductions, they tell him about their suspicion of Kaneki being a ghoul. The trio moves outside and Hide sees their compiled list of all students at Kamii who are also under suspicion, Kaneki one of them. They question if he has seen Kaneki eat in the past month. Despite Hide telling them how long he has known Kaneki and they have gone to eat hundreds of times just not in the past month, their suspicions remained and prepared to leave. Before they do, Hide offers to help their investigation.

Third Part[]

The activities of the Occult Research Club include surveying people's dietary habits and frequenting the patrol routes of the ghoul investigators. As the three of them followed two investigators on patrol, Hide sees the notebook containing the list of suspected individuals and asks Kaneki's name be crossed off but is denied. They have to write a report to submit at their next meeting and cannot have too few research subjects. They invite him to the meeting, and until then he tries and fails to get Kaneki's name off the list.

At the meeting, Hide sees the ORC is composed of citizens in addition to students. Kiyama's group is one of the five who showcase their investigations, they present data conveying the sheer amount of people who eat only in private meant many ghouls can avoid eating in public with ease. Afterwards, the drinking starts and a man joins Kiyama's group. He introduces himself as Cain, a well-known occult researcher who has a fearless method of investigating and is particularly interested in Kaneki's report, suggesting he may be an "acquired-type ghoul." Sympathizing with Hide's situation of his friend being under suspicion, he joins their investigation.

The coming Saturday, they meet near Kaneki's house before the four follow him to Anteiku and Hide wonders how they know where Kaneki works, thinking they are possibly the "suspicious people" around the cafe. From then on, Cain trails Kaneki and not a single time does he see Kaneki eat. When they get to thinking they are possibly onto a real ghoul, the ORC is excited but Hide again insists Kaneki is not a ghoul. Cain agrees that he may have missed Kaneki eating since he is unable to observe him twenty-four hours each day and concludes he may find something by watching Kaneki while he works late that following night. One-by-one the members plan on joining Cain in his watch. The meeting time arranged, Hide has a bad feeling about it all.

Fourth Part[]

Hide increasingly became anxious and left his house early, thinking about his memories with Kaneki, when they had the school play in elementary, disturbed an old lady in the middle of the night setting off bottle rockets, and celebrated at Big Girl when they got into college. Spotting a vending machine, he buys the type of canned coffee Kaneki preferred - black with no sugar. Moving along, he sat and listened to a street musician (Ikuma Momochi), lost in his thoughts again he spoke outloud and gets the attention of the performer when he sings about God. Realizing how observant the performer is, Hide shares that his friend is in trouble and feels he cannot help him, or properly stand up to the ORC. The man encourages him, in return Hide gives him the coffee he just bought.

Hide walks to a store and buys fireworks and lighter, and went to another and meets Kiyama, after Hide buys a rice ball they head towards Anteiku, the arranged meeting place, where Sankou and Cain are already waiting. At Cain's suggestion, they get familiar with the area until night falls. As they became increasingly nervous they mistake the sound of Hide's rice ball's wrapper, taking it for a ghoul. They comment on Hide's apparent lack of fear, though Hide admits he really is and suggests they go back. Cain agrees and they all travel back to Anteiku, but get lost after entering a deep narrow alley.

Stopping in a dark and secluded dead end, Hide's hairs stand on end shortly before Kiyama is thrown to a wall and sees Cain's bright kakugan and active kagune. Cain taunts the group, and while Sankou shields Kiyama's motionless figure, Hide leaves them behind and runs. The ghoul closes the distance between them and uses his bikaku to hit Hide to the ground. He asks how long Hide knew he was a ghoul, Hide replying that he did not until now. He did, however, notice several oddities he chooses to not tell Cain, including Cain's knowledge that Anteiku was a cafe and why he carried out the majority of his searches at night, the most active time of ghouls. Concerned he is in another ghoul's territory, Cain wants to eat Hide quickly, who only asks him to be gentle, and Cain steps towards him.

Face-to-face with the ghoul and moments from being devoured, Hide shoves the rice ball he had in his pocket into Cain's open mouth. While Cain vomits and attempts to remove the human food from his mouth, Hide lights and aims one of the fireworks from his pocket at Cain. The exploding fireworks give Hide a chance to run towards him and puts meat sauce into his mouth, an item the ghoul could not easily get out. Cain's ceased his shouting at Hide when two ghoul investigators appeared at the end of the alley. Their group had been intentionally following the investigator's patrol routes and Hide shot off the fireworks to gain their attention. Upon confirming his ghoul status, the investigators, Yanagi and Toujou, quickly exterminate him. When they turn to check on Hide, he has disappeared. Hide makes the connection between Cain and Kaneki by their identical reactions to human food. Unexpectedly an unknown person comes down and thanks him before he loses consciousness.

He is roused awake by Kiyama and Sankou. Gradually grasping the situation, they all had awaken and found themselves on the grass at the university, alive and well without Kiyama knowing Cain was a ghoul.

Fifth Part[]

A few days later, while Kiyama thought their mysterious arrival was a paranormal phenomenon, Hide thought it was a dream. Kaneki noticed something was up with Hide, but Hide cast it aside and thought about Big Girl. Outloud, he tried to remember the phrase again (Kaneki recognizing he forgot already) and suddenly said Cain's name instead. The reality that he had seen an actual ghoul sunk in. Kaneki begins to explain both Canaan and Cain were in the Bible. Concluding that Cain must have known the story to choose his name, Hide changes the mood by taking snacks out of his bag and into Kaneki's. He mentions the professor with hair implants before having them rush off. In the hurry, Kaneki's things in his bag, including the snacks, fell out across the floor. Hide timed it so the ORC would see Kaneki with food and succeeded in getting his name off the list.