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Daisuke Atou (阿藤 大介, Atō Daisuke) was an Associate Special Class Ghoul Investigator. He participated in the Auction Mopping-up Operation as the squad leader of the Atou Squad.


Atou was a middle age looking man with an undercut hairstyle. During the Auction Mopping-up Operation, he wore the standard CCG coat and body armor underneath.


Atou suffered from a jealousy towards Arima for some time, but then came to conclusion that he did not need to compare himself with the prodigy. He believed that with hard work, even someone like him could achieve big things.


Takizawa decapitates Atou.


Atou was assigned to participate in the Auction Mopping-up Operation and received direct order from Matsuri Washuu. When the operation started, his group and Haise Sasaki encountered a strong koukaku ghoul, Nutcracker's partner. Matsuri later told Haise to go ahead, leaving his group behind. Atou obeyed the order and noted that it pained him a little to know that the higher-ups believed Sasaki, a Rank 1 Investigator, held more potential than him, an Associate Special Class Investigator.[3]

Atou, after the elimination of said ghoul, remembered how much of a gap between the talented investigators - in this case young Arima - and he, who was not blessed by god. However, Atou believed that with training and experience, he could somehow become capable and his squad members would not die.

Seidou Takizawa ambushed his squad shortly afterwards, decapitated him and compared it to harvesting pineapples.[2]

Powers and Abilities[]

As an Associate Special Class Investigator, Atou possessed significant proficiency in battling ghouls. His victory over Nutcracker's partner further confirmed his strength. He was, however, no match against an SS~ rated ghoul's sneak attack.


  • Atou was modeled after one of the 20 winners among the applicants to the ghoul investigator recruitment campaign. He is associated with "kindness, gentleness" (深切, shinsetsu) in the operation reports attached to the chapters.


  • To himself (about Arima): "Even the least religious people have moments where they come in contact with God. That's the moment when an overwhelming talent presents itself in front of you. That's when I saw God."[2]


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