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"We, the CCG are the only organization in the world that investigates and solves ghoul related crime."— Haise Sasaki, Tokyo Ghoul:re Chapter 1


The Commission of Counter Ghoul [sic] (喰種対策局 Gūru Taisaku Kyoku, literally "Ghoul Countermeasures Bureau"), usually abbreviated as C C G (シーシージー) (Shīshījī), was a federal agency in the Tokyo Ghoul series that serves as a criminal investigative body in cases connected to ghouls.

The Ghoul Countermeasures Law was the legal foundation for the CCG's prosecution of ghouls. The CCG's headquarters are in the 1st ward.

The ghouls commonly call the ghoul investigators Doves (白鳩 (ハト), Hato), a nickname originating from the CCG's seal.

Currently, the office of Chairman is vacant. The CCG's former Chairman was Tsuneyoshi Washuu until his death. The Bureau Director title was held by his son, Yoshitoki Washuu, however after his death, the position was given to Kichimura Washuu. After the creation of Dragon, Kichimura has resigned from his position, leaving the spot of Bureau Director vacant.

The CCG was dissolved after the Dragon War and was replaced by the TSC.


The Ghoul Countermeasures Office (喰種 (グール)対策院, Gūru Taisaku In), the predecessor of the CCG, was founded in 1890 as a state agency, and was first led by Daikichi Washuu, then head of the Washuu Clan.[1] Eto Yoshimura claimed that the CCG's parent organization was founded over 100 years ago to counter a one-eyed ghoul. This unique ghoul was so powerful that humans needed to cooperate in order to exterminate it.[2]

Initially, the CCG utilized firearms to oppose ghouls, which proved ineffective due to their physique. After a certain period of time, the organization, under the then Chairman Yoshiu Washuu's leadership, developed a new weapon to battle ghouls, the quinque, which was derived from the ghouls' kagune. The ghoul extermination rate increased rapidly thanks to that weapon, and it is still the desired weapon of choice to the investigators.[3]

After the Dragon war, the CCG has been disbanded and replaced by the TSC, Tokyo Security Committee. A new company where both ghouls and humans work together defending Tokyo from Dragon Orphans.


CCG's headquarters[]

Branch offices[]

  • CCG 2nd Ward's Branch Office
  • CCG 11th Ward's Branch Office
  • CCG 13th Ward's Branch Office
  • CCG 20th Ward's Branch Office

Other facilities[]


CCG employs two different kinds of investigators:

  • Ghoul investigators, employed at CCG's main office, carry out the actual investigations and capture suspects. They are often assigned to carry out investigations in one of Tokyo's wards. Only ghoul investigators are permitted to be armed with quinques.
  • Bureau investigators deal mostly with paperwork and back up ghoul investigators when necessary. Most of them are employed at CCG's branch offices. They are armed with firearms loaded with Q bullets.

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