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A chimera kagune is a unique variant of kagune possessed by very few ghouls.

In extremely rare cases, a ghoul whose parents possess different Rc types will inherit both types from their parents. This results in a ghoul who possesses kakuhous in more than one location and is able to use two different types of kagune simultaneously.

Chimera ghouls are not to be confused with ghouls who possess the rare ability of Rc-Cell absorption, such as Shikorae. While it is possible for such ghouls to have more than one Rc-type, are they not born with more than one Rc-type and are incapable of using more than one type of kagune at once, a trait unique to a true chimera.

It is difficult to create a quinque from a ghoul with a chimera kagune.[1]



Image Ghoul Description
Hinami Fueguchi Her koukaku kagune, which she inherited from her mother, looks like two petals of flowers that act as shields. After the time passed, Hinami was able to create four koukaku petals, powerful enough to block one of Higher Mind's explosions.

Her rinkaku kagune, which she inherited from her father, takes the shape of flexible red and yellow spines. As a child, Hinami could produce up to two rinkaku tentacles. As time passed, Hinami displayed the ability to create four rinkaku tentacles while having greater control over them.

Nutcracker's dual kagune re anime.jpg Nutcracker Her bikaku took the form of a long tail. She was able to use it to hang from ceilings.

Her koukaku resembled a pair of spider forelimbs, which she used to defend herself.

Shikorae Shikorae is initially considered to be a ghoul of moderate strength though demonstrates high regenerative abilities and speed. He quickly recovers from having several holes blown in him and is agile enough to repeatedly ambush opponents. However, he turns out to be more powerful than expected and possesses multiple Rc types.