Chieko makes her move
Name Chieko
Japanese Name チエコ
Romaji Chieko
Species Human
Status Alive
Gender Female
Affiliations CCG
Occupation Scientist
Ward 1st Ward
Manga Debut :re Chapter 110
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Chieko (チエコ, Chieko) is a scientist working for the Commission of Counter Ghoul.

Appearance Edit

Chieko is an average looking woman with beady eyes and wears a standard lab coat.

Personality Edit

She appears to be a very determined person who cheers herself on during dangerous situations. She risks her life to save her colleagues.

Plot Edit

Post-Third Cochlea Raid Edit

Chieko was part of a group of scientists working in the CCG Laboratory Division when they were ambushed by Ken Kaneki and his team. While her colleagues were held hostage, Chieko escaped. She was perused by Seidou Takizawa who pinned her to the ground, but was unable to stop her from pressing a button that released Koutarou Amon.[1]

References Edit

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