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"Despite how I might seem, I'm really scared about dying. It's hard to think I'll disappear forever. So at the least, I want to die when I'm content about dying so that's why I want to fill my time with fun things."— Chie Hori, Tokyo Ghoul:re Chapter 37

Chie Hori (掘 ちえ, Hori Chie) is a human photographer and information broker and a long-time friend of Shuu Tsukiyama who is aware of his secret.

At his request, she served as an informant to Ken Kaneki's group. During the Torso investigation, she offered to sell information to the Quinx Squad, due to her interest in Haise Sasaki, whom she knew was Ken Kaneki.


Hori is a very petite woman, often being mistaken for a child, and has retained her youthful features, making it difficult for others to guess her age from her appearance alone. She has dark brown hair and a lighter shade of brown eyes, however, in the light novels she is illustrated with burnt orange hair and eyes of a similar shade. In the manga, she is shown wearing a green raincoat. She is mostly seen with her black camera, but once appeared with a pink one, and a black (Pinto), pink (manga), or yellow (light novels) camera case.

Manga depiction[]

Anime depiction[]


Hori has a very unique personality. This is evident during her first encounter with Tsukiyama as a ghoul. She proved to be very unpredictable and many of her actions can be left for interpretation. She was noted to be quite eccentric and the amount of energy she carried astonished others around her. This tied into her curiosity, as she is willing to do almost anything for a scoop or a photo, however she states she is unwilling to die to obtain either.

She is under the CCG's radar for taking pictures of ghoul hunting and other things that have a bad influence on society. She has assisted ghouls in hunting and hacked into CCG servers. The CCG have tried catching her for the amount of crimes she has committed.



Days: Photograph[]

Hori finds out that Tsukiyama is a ghoul.

Hori was introduced taking a photograph of Tsukiyama as he fed on a victim, startling him and triggering a chase. She managed to elude him at first, but she eventually stopped in an alleyway. Rather than responding with fear when he caught up, she showed him the photo she had taken and revealed they both attend Seinan Gakuin University's high school. She demanded that he take her somewhere to eat, and the pair ended up at a cafe where she made him purchase her a dessert. Though Tsukiyama attempted to manipulate her to find out her intentions, she quickly lost interest and stated she would not leak the photo after all.

In the following days, Tsukiyama investigated her at school while she went about her business. Finding that she had gotten into the prestigious academy on a scholarship but neglected her grades in favor of constantly looking for interesting things to photograph. Having gotten the scoop she wanted, she was initially uninterested in Tsukiyama, but he pressed her further and invited her to accompany him to a nearby hospital.

There, Tsukiyama introduced her the beautiful nurse and revealed her elderly patient frequently harassed her, but cannot recall his actions afterward. Hori snapped a photograph as the old man sneaked up behind the nurse and grabbed her from behind, saving it for later. Before they left the hospital, she was invited to come back at midnight for a special "dinner show." Hori accepted the invitation and returned later that night. She hid in the restrooms for some time and changed into pajamas so that she will blend in with the patients. Once visiting hours had ended, she joined the patients returning to their rooms and sneaked onto the ward visited earlier. She sneaked into the old man's room, making note of the massive private room and expensive, unopened gifts. When the nurse entered the room, she hid underneath the bed.

As she hid, she heard the nurse abuse the old man, insulting and hitting him. Tsukiyama broke through the window, startling the nurse and chiding Hori for failing to open the window for him. Hori emerged from beneath the bed, and watched the scene as he declared his true identity and began to remove the old man's skin. Eventually, the old man woke up and began to struggle, begging the nurse to save him. As she viciously kicked away the old man, Hori took a photograph of the abuse.

Amused, Tsukiyama grabbed Hori by her shirt and held her out the eighth story window, threatening to drop her. Rather than plead for her life, Hori calmly took another photograph of Tsukiyama as he prepared to kill her. This intense focus further amused Tsukiyama, and he lifted her back into the room while declaring that she is clearly a very amusing pet. Hori refused, but is immediately ignored. She then revealed to Tsukiyama that she had prepared for the possibility of being killed, and has a blog post set for 1am which would reveal his identity if she does not cancel it in time. The pair climb out the window, leaving the injured old man and the nurse behind.

Weeks later, Hori and Tsukiyama met in a cafe to discuss the events of that night. She showed him on her laptop the news, and how the nurse had reported an unknown ghoul had attacked her and then killed her elderly patient. As a result, she has became the heroine of the tragedy and became romantically involved with a doctor. Hori revealed she went to see the nurse afterward, and told Tsukiyama that the nurse is grateful to him for her good fortune. Looking at the photograph again, she noted how the nurse looked at her patient as if he were an insect to be crushed. He expressed amusement at the cruelty of humans, and Hori took another photograph of him as he smiled.[3]

Raid of Kanou's Lab[]

Hori was mentioned by Kaneki in conversation. He referred to her as a reliable person after she obtained the list of prisoners that Aogiri Tree freed. Itori suggested this information could only be obtained by hacking the CCG's database.[4]

Later, when Tsukiyama told the story of the Yasuhisa family, he mentioned that he was given this information by Hori.[5]

Torso Investigation[]

Hori talks with Urie and Shirazu.

Hori was sitting on a ledge, watching over Kanae and chiding him for his behavior.

She later approached Kuki Urie and Ginshi Shirazu, offering them information on Torso.[1] They were initially suspicious since the identities of investigators were closely guarded and threatened to take her in for interrogation. Unconcerned, Hori warned them that she would simply provide the bare minimum of information and would not cooperate further. Instead, she offered to sell them photographs in exchange for either one million yen or one of Haise Sasaki's personal belongings. She claimed to want it to cheer up her "model" and make them interesting again. Urie agreed to her terms, but asked for the photographs of Torso's hunting grounds beforehand. She handed them over, with the rest of the information withheld until her price was met.

Hori receives Sasaki's boxers.

Days later, Hori met with Urie and Shirazu to complete their business. She was given a pair of Sasaki's underwear and gave them Polaroids Torso took before killing his victims. She explained to them the different brands of instant cameras and demonstrated the brand "Immortal" had a special quality, with faded colors. Hori photographed the pair with two different cameras, proving that Torso had been using the Immortal brand film and shared that it was a foreign brand that had to be ordered from a specialty store. She told them their suspect lived near the crime scenes and had recently ordered a large amount of the film from a store — she knew of one suspect that fit.[6]

After Kanae delivered Sasaki's boxers to Tsukiyama and got a lack of response, Hori was complained to by Kanae in bringing his master a dirty object. Kanae threatened to kill Hori, but she merely dismissed that idea as something Tsukiyama would no approve of, as Tsukiyama would kill her personally if the time ever came and noted that he saw her as his "pet." Chie was next seen sitting on a rooftop, holding out her camera to the city lights and hoped for Tsukiyama to get better soon to show her more interesting things.

Rose Extermination[]

Hori eventually cooperated with Kanae in order to help Shuu Tsukiyama get back to his normal self after a long period of depression for him. She made a deal with Kanae and handed him some photographs of Haise and instructed him on how and when to use them. She was later chased by ghoul investigators because of her involvement with the ghouls. Taking pictures of their predatory action, hacking the CCG's servers and helping them hunt humans. The CCG views her as a ghoul supporter and ally. She managed to hide and escape from them.

Hori reunites with Shuu.

Hori arrived with Touka, Yomo, and Mirumo in a van to rescue Tsukiyama. She explained that she did not know who else to turn to, so went to :re knowing the ghouls there were his friends and asked for help. Along the way, they picked up Mirumo Tsukiyama and headed towards the Luna Eclipse, but Tsukiyama was trapped on the roof. Initially, Chie had thought that he risked jumping until Tsukiyama revealed that Kaneki had pushed him and he only survived because of Kanae. Chie observed that Kaneki could have killed him easily if he wanted to, and throwing him off the roof was odd. When asked by Shuu whether she was afraid of the situation, she replied that she didn't have time to think about that stuff.

Rushima Landing Operation[]

Alongside Mirumo, Chie waited for the arrival of the ghouls so they could all escape from Rushima in the aftermath of the Rushima Landing Operation.[7]


Pictures from her showing Tokyo's devastation are playing overseas. After continuing activities supporting the TSC for several years, she returned to her lifestyle of taking pictures at her whim. She remained a lifelong friend of Shuu.


Shuu Tsukiyama[]

The two have been long-time friends since they met in high school. Their mutual obsession with perfecting their chosen interests and unusual morality has made them unlikely friends, with Hori showing little concern over his predatory nature. She finds Tsukiyama 'interesting' and calls him her 'photography model'. Over the years, she has acted as an informant to Tsukiyama and appears to have made contact with the Quinx Squad for his sake.

When Tsukiyama later suffers from severe depression, she continues to help him with the hopes of making him 'interesting again'. She is willing to risk imprisonment and even death by the CCG to help him.

Kanae von Rosewald[]

Hori addresses Kanae by the Japanese honorific "-kun". Although both Hori and Kanae are in close relation to Tsukiyama, they are not on good terms. Kanae looks down on this human girl and refers to her with rude names like "stray rat", "guinea pig", or profanities in German. It appears that Kanae is extremely jealous of Hori's relationship with Tsukiyama. Although she has been helping Tsukiyama during his severe depression, Kanae is not grateful to her and even threatens to kill her. However, Hori sees through his intentions and outsmarts him easily, adding to his resentment towards her.

Ken Kaneki[]

In Tokyo Ghoul, though their interactions were minimal, she brought information to him at Tsukiyama's request. Kaneki described her as a reliable person.

In Photography, Hori negotiated with Kaneki that she would work for his team as an informant provided that Kaneki makes all his requests through Tsukiyama. She is fully aware of Tsukiyama's obsession with Kaneki and therefore utilizes her connection with his group to protect herself from being eaten and influence Tsukiyama to listen to any of her requests.

Kuki Urie and Ginshi Shirazu[]

She has made contact with them and has offered her assistance in their investigation. Urie is suspicious of how much she knows, while Shirazu seems to take a liking to her right away. Chie is unfazed by their attempts to intimidate her and easily convinces them to agree to the terms of the deal she offers them on the ghoul Torso.


She possesses quite a bit of knowledge about him, some of which she reveals in her deal with Urie and Shirazu. Though it is an on-going investigation, she has managed to gain access to the crime scenes to photograph them and has gathered Polaroids he left behind at the scenes. She even suggests she has a suspect in mind, though how much she actually knows about him is still unknown.

Powers and abilities[]

Above average agility: Without much difficulty, she outran a S-rated ghoul. When running from Shuu Tsukiyama, her speed made him initially ponder the possibility she was either a ghoul or an investigator. He did come to the conclusion she was faster than an athletic marathon runner.


  • Chie's surname Hori means "dig, delve, excavate" (掘).


Tokyo Ghoul:re[]

  • To Shuu Tsukiyama (during his depression): "Hey Tsukiyama... can you really die for some 'ingredients'?"[citation needed]
  • To Karren von Rosewald (about saving Tsukiyama): "Whatever happens, you must put Tsukiyama's wishes first." [citation needed]
  • "No matter how many things you have in your possession, it just fills you with even more emptiness if you don't have the thing you want." [8]
  • To Kanae (about saving Tsukiyama): "I'm really scared about dying. It's hard to think I'll disappear forever. So at least, I want to die when I'm content about dying. That's why I want to fill my life with fun things. Tsukiyama's a lot of fun, isn't he? That must be why." [9]


  • Chie has been associated with the number 0 by Shuu Tsukiyama, which is a reference to the tarot card The Fool.
    • "It's hard to tell the difference between a fool and a wise man. Just like the zero card of the tarot deck, The Fool." - Tsukiyama.[3]
  • In Tokyo Ghoul Trump, Chie is featured as the "Six of Diamonds."
  • In a tweet, Ishida revealed that Chie was initially created for a completely different story that was never published and this is the same project that initially starred Tsukiyama.[10]
  • Tsukiyama refers to Chie as Little Mouse (子ネズミ, Ko nezumi).


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