Chi She Lian

Members of Chi She Lian.

Chi She Lian (Chinese 赤舌連 Chì shé lián, Japanese チーシャーリェン, English Red Tongue Company) was a terrorist organization of Chinese ghouls mentioned in Tokyo Ghoul. Little was known about the organization, although it was mentioned that Kousuke Houji was recruited from the CCG to assist Chinese authorities with hunting down the organization.[1]

Tatara, the second-in-command of Aogiri Tree, was a surviving member of the organization and was related to its leader.[2][3][4]

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  • The SS-rated koukaku-type quinque used by Houji during the battle with the Non-Killing Owl shares its name, Chi She, with the organization.
  • Tatara's white coat appears to have been the group's signature look.

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