Depths (深層, Shinsō) is the ninety-eighth chapter in the manga Tokyo Ghoul.

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As Shachi recovers, Ken Kaneki implores him not to underestimate him and charges Shachi with lethal kagune strikes across the body.

Nashiro and Kurona Yasuhisa confront Eto.  She discourages the twins that no matter how much they deny it, Kanou is not their father and their parents are dead. Their attempts to treat Kanou as a substitute for their father is vain and she asks them if they are okay with living in an ostentatious world. Eto insists that Kanou is only taking advantage of the twins' emotions. The twins detest Eto's speech and yell at her to stop talking.

Soon after, Kazuichi Banjou appears and Eto removes his ribs.

Kaneki tries to cannibalize Shachi. He fails to do so and angered Shachi who felt irritated on how Kaneki dared to belittle him; Shachi held Kaneki by the face and with one swift move, the man slammed Kaneki down the building with a great force, leaving him incapacitated for a while. As Kaneki regains his strength and staggered on his feets, Kanou welcomes Kaneki from atop a platform where Rize Kamishiro is being apprehended.

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