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One's Heart (胸中, Kyōchū) is the ninety-fourth chapter in the manga Tokyo Ghoul.



Akihiro Kanou's real estate records are reviewed by Akira Mado and Hideyoshi Nagachika. Akira explains that Dr. Kanou is the son of the Director of Kanou General Hospital. After he graduated from Teihou University's School of Medicine, he traveled to Germany to work as a research assistant for the GFG. Later, he spent three years at the CCG before retiring. After retirement, he worked at his father's hospital where he earned a splendid reputation for his quality care. Hideyoshi ponders what caused Kanou to suddenly quit the CCG.

Koutarou Amon brings another blueprint of an estate owned by Kanou. They mention it is different from the other estates. The location is not appropriate for it to be a summer house and it is too spacious for one person to live in. Amon remarks there is a strong possibility Kanou is hiding there.

In his inner dialogue, Amon states how grateful he is to have Hideyoshi cooperating with them for the sake of his friend. If they can finish the Binge Eater case it would be great progress for the 20th Ward branch. According to Shinohara's theory, the girl from the I-beam accident was the Binge Eater, the organ recipient was Ken Kaneki, and the doctor who performed it was Dr. Kanou. Amon contemplates Kanou's purpose and the consequences of transplanting ghoul organs into a human. How would the existence of a kakuhou recipient be judged? How would Hideyoshi deal with his best friend becoming a ghoul?

Amon remembers Donato Porpora's words about the White Rabbit and Alice, deducting either Kanou or Kaneki is what he is looking for.

Kazuichi Banjou and Shuu Tsukiyama are at Orca to confirm that Matasaka Kamishiro has joined Aogiri Tree. Gil is in denial, he finds it difficult to believe that Shachi would join them.

Meanwhile at the stronghold, Kaneki reads a plethora of martial arts books during his training. Banjou, Tsukiyama, and Hinami Fueguchi interrupt him to update Kaneki about their plans. Kaneki requests Tsukiyama to train with him who eagerly accepts.