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Lady (淑女, Shukujo) is the ninety-second chapter in the manga Tokyo Ghoul.



Madam A scurries in her house, fearing Kaneki's group. She just received a call presumably from Taguchi but was surprised to hear Kaneki talking to her, saying that he was indebted to her. She dresses up while getting ready to leave, however, Kurona Yasuhisa insists that she should leave her pets behind, otherwise, she will get caught.

Madam A reminisces about how she met Akihiro Kanou. One night, while lamenting about money and wishing she relished the lavish culture of upper-class ghouls, she hid behind bushes waiting for prey. The person walking by appeared to look like a doctor, so, thinking she could acquire wealth, she approached Dr. Kanou. Just as Madam A launched an attack on him, a mysterious silhouetted figure obstructed her. She anxiously pondered whether or not the guard was a human or ghoul. Kanou asked Madam A if she was interested in owning breeders, promising her a better lifestyle. Thanks to Kanou's services, Madam A earned plentiful money and developed relationships among the high-class members of the Ghoul Restaurant.

She rushes with Kurona to a cargo storage in search of Koutaro and Shouta. When she walks into the cargo container, she witnesses Shuu Tsukiyama sitting on top of Koutaro and Shouta's dead bodies. The door slams shut, locking them in, but Kurona uses her kagune to cut the cargo container, allowing them to escape. Kazuichi Banjou and the Gas Masks appear to ambush them but Kurona grabs Madam A with her kagune and sprints away.

Hinami Fueguchi observes the cargo container lot. Using her keen vision she coordinates Ichimi, Jiro, Sante, and Kaneki on where to go. Kurona and Maiko are surrounded by the group. According to Kanou, if Kurona was ever to be held in a risky situation, she must prioritize her life. Kurona scampers away, leaving Madam A with the group. Kaneki approaches Madam A, boldly asking her if she knows what kind of sound she hears when you place a centipede in her ear.

At Anteiku, Yoshimura scolds Roma Hoito for using sugar in coffee since sugar is for human consumption, not ghouls. He awkwardly makes a joke about basemen and serving coffee for ghouls. Roma responds by following up with a clever pun of "Anteiku."

Yukinori Shinohara and Juuzou Suzuya walk into Anteiku, saluting the chic and wonderful coffee store Kaneki used to work.