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Priest (神父, Shinpu) is the eighty-third chapter in Tokyo Ghoul.



Akira Mado and Koutarou Amon are brought to Donato Porpora's cell where he conceitedly calls Amon his son, seeing that Kureo Mado isn't there he wonders about his whereabouts. Donato accepts the interview but tells Amon that it must be a duologue.

Akira leaves and recollects information on Donato. He is an SS rated Russian ghoul whose alias is "Priest." He managed a catholic church in Japan and brutally murdered children.

Amon asks various questions about Cochlea incident involving Aogiri Tree, but Donato brusquely answers with that he doesn't know. Enraged, Amon tells him to answer more earnestly, however, Donato ripostes, saying he should stop asking questions written for him. The only thing he recalls were the sound of the jailors' agony as they were slaughtered by the Aogiri ghouls. He expresses pleasure and vividly describes the scenery while wishing he was a part of the banquet. Shocked and disgusted, Amon decides to end the interview.

Donato tells him that Amon must still care for his foster father since he's wearing a cross. Amon disagrees and says that the cross is a testimony to his ignorance and the unfortunate events at the church. Since then, Amon has despised him. As Amon leaves, Donato advises him to seek "Alice," instead of the "White Rabbit."

Akira is selecting prisoners for Dr. Kouitsu Chigyou. She hopes to design a better quinque because she is envious of Suzuya's.

Hideyoshi brings documents to the CCG office where Yukinori Shinohara and Taishi Fura are discussing the Priest. They talk about the CCG's short labor shortage and how they could use as much help as possible. Hideyoshi then visits Seidou at the Cafeteria where they talk about his subordinates.

Katsuya Mabuchi informs Itsuki Marude that they have discovered the anonymous informant who leaked the information on the 11th ward. To Marude's surprise, it is a part-timer working at CCG, Hideyoshi Nagachika.