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Intelligent Person (識者, Shikisha) is the eighty-second chapter in Tokyo Ghoul.



Yukinori Shinohara and Juuzou Suzuya visit the 1st Ward's CCG Laboratory Division where quinques, Q-bullets, and Rc gates are developed. The Head Researcher, Doctor Kouitsu Chigyou, introduces himself. He expounds on how kagunes are used to make quinques.

Rc cells circulate between the kakuhou and the kagune. The quinque requires a preservative to maintain its Rc cells since it cannot obtain Rc cells from consumption and lacks the Rc signaling. In ghouls, Rc cells erupt from the base point of the kagune. They go through three major stages:

  1. Formation: RC cells bond to themselves.
  2. Fixation: Bonded RC cells maintain a shape for a fixed amount of time.
  3. Disintegration: The bonds between RC cells break.

Different kagunes go through these processes at different rates, giving rise to various weights, types, and shapes. Researchers have yet to refine the formation cycle, as a result, quinques are limited to one form. Juuzou grabs and names his new quinque, "Juuzou's Jason."

Itsuki Marude tells Tsuneyoshi Washuu that the 1st Ward's 2nd Countermeasure Division is currently working on the case against Aogiri Tree. Tsuneyoshi scolds him and insists on hastening the investigation otherwise the casualties will increase.

Yoshitoki Washuu and Marude talk about the CCG's prospects on the Aogiri Tree and the Cochlea breach. Yoshitoki proposes interrogating the remaining ghouls such as Donato Porpora. They must seek the anonymous informant who leaked the Aogiri's location.

Koutarou Amon and Akira Mado drive to the 23rd Ward's Cochlea facility while squabbling about report briefing and thinking processes. They are escorted to Donato Porpora's cell.