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Subordinate (部下, Buka) is the eighty-first chapter in Tokyo Ghoul.



After the ceremony, Seidou Takizawa congratulates Koutarou Amon's promotion while bickering at Juuzou Suzuya. Before discussing the report, Yukinori Shinohara introduces a new member of the 20th Ward investigation unit, Akira Mado. All the investigators, except Seidou, welcome her. Shinohara comments that Akira was at the top of the class whereas Seidou was second, and they don't get along. Akira has done investigations under Arima's team and in the 1st Ward's Main Office.

Diminutive information has been found about the Rize Kamishiro case. Seidou brings information on the Gourmet's activities that have been occurring outside of the 20th Ward. It is unclear whether the Gourmet is associated with the Ghoul Restaurant. Using his eating habits and ward activities as evidence, Akira proposes that the Gourmet has trouble getting his hands on his main predation target and that this target is in the 6th Ward.

While organizing documents with Amon, Akira maintains her adamant behavior, insisting not to waste time on small talk or formality. She arranges to visit the 7th Ward's Ghoul Restaurant.

Shinohara and Amon have a drink and talk about Akira. Shinohara agrees that Akira is difficult to understand and wonders if she is testing Amon. Amon promises that he will teach Akira many things, and Shinohara encourages him that he will eventually form a bond with his subordinate.

Amon, Akira, and Taishi Fura visit the Ghoul Restaurant to find over fifty dead ghouls. Akira speculates that the Gourmet was responsible for the slaughter together with some co-conspirators. Amon interrupts her and tells her that the Gourmet did not kill the ghouls. He analyzes the markings and wounds to conclude that a Rinkaku ghoul attacked the ghouls and that this is a ghoul he knows. When asked who this ghoul is, Amon states that the culprit was the Eyepatch Ghoul and states that he might be connected to Rabbit.

Back at the office, Amon wonders how well ghouls have blended into society considering how they have developed skills to annul the biometric authentication of quinques. Amon invites Akira to dinner after finishing the reports, but Akira rejects, stating her curfew and that she is still a girl. Takizawa and Yasutomo Nakajima invite themselves for a meal with Amon.