Promotion (昇任, Shōnin) is the eightieth chapter in Tokyo Ghoul.



Around 6 months have passed since the 11th Ward's Aogiri Tree raid. Yoshitoki Washuu delivers awards at the promotion ceremony while congratulating the newly promoted officers, including Koutarou Amon and Juuzou Suzuya. The CCG reports that the ghouls attacking Cochlea managed to breach into the third level of underground isolation which contains SS ranked ghouls. Yoshitoki concludes the promotion ceremony by naming the investigators who died during the 11th Ward's Aogiri Tree raid.

At the banquet, Yukinori Shinohara discusses his and Iwao Kuroiwa's recovery. He remembers Kureo Mado petitioning for Amon's promotion and informs Amon about a newly assigned partner. Kishou Arima and Take Hirako stop by to congratulate Juuzou and Amon. Juuzou tells Amon that Shinohara, Arima, and him participated in the 24th Ward's Underground "Whack-a-Mole" operations. The 24th Ward is an underground labyrinth rumored to be filled with countless ghouls.  Amon stops by Kureo Mado's grave to give a progress report when he is interrupted by his newly appointed subordinate, Akira Mado.


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