Kagune (赫子, Kagune) is the eighth chapter of the manga Tokyo Ghoul.



Nishiki Nishio continues to provoke Ken Kaneki, accusing him of planning to eat Hideyoshi Nagachika. Kaneki becomes annoyed and lashes out at Nishio for associating his friend with food. Nishiki kicks Kaneki in the abdomen, calling him a "woman" for attacking with his bag. Nishiki states if he went "all out" with his full power, not even Touka Kirishima or Renji Yomo would have managed to defeat him. Nishiki expresses his true impression of Hideyoshi; irritation caused by his "idiotic" appearance, speech and behavior. However, Nishio acknowledges Hide is very observant of his surroundings, unlike the other college students — making him a difficult person to be around.

Nishio confesses that Hide initially did not want Kaneki to accompany them, because he sensed Nishiki's intentions. Kaneki always thought Hide's perceptiveness was a result of the two being best friends for so long, not knowing Hide had good intuition around everyone else as well. Ripping off Kaneki’s eye patch, Nishiki assumes Kaneki has the patch because he is not able to monitor his kakugan accordingly; alleging he would rather kill Hide than have his true identity revealed.

Perplexed and annoyed, Kaneki ravenously swings at Nishiki, who successfully dodges the counterattacks. Kaneki reflects on his sloppy moves; thinking his reflexes are bad, as he had never hit anyone up until now, and doubts his ability to defeat his opponent. He then realizes he is hungry.

Nishiki unleashes his kagune and proceeds to assault Hide’s unconscious frame while Kaneki remembers how concerned Hide was for him throughout their lives as friends. Kaneki is greatly angered, and charges to make his first attack on an unforgivable Nishiki.

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