New Light (新光, Shinkō) is the seventy-ninth chapter in Tokyo Ghoul.



Anteiku and Kazuichi Banjou's group reunite by the forest outside the Aogiri base. Touka Kirishima wonders how Ken Kaneki is going to hide his hair color when he returns to Anteiku since it will attract attention. He interrupts to tell her that he will not return to Anteiku, saying that he needs to prepare for other things and that he does not have enough time.

Banjou offers to help by being Kaneki's shield. Just as Kaneki accepts Banjou's offer, Shuu Tsukiyama appears and states that he would love to assist Kaneki as his sword. He will clear Kaneki's thorny path and become his knight. Kaneki welcomes Tsukiyama, however, if Tsukiyama does anything unnecessary, Kaneki will kill him. Hearing Kaneki's unyielding response arouses Tsukiyama's appetite.

Touka pleads to join him but Kaneki insists that she study for her exams so that she can go to university. He also refuses to let Nishiki Nishio join him. Kaneki reassures Touka that he will visit Anteiku for coffee and to check her latte art, especially the rabbit pictures. He promises to see her later and then Touka and Nishiki run back to Anteiku. Yoshimura, Hinami Fueguchi, and Kaya Irimi observe nearby. Irimi wonders if Yoshimura can withstand his injuries but he prioritizes leaving the forest.

Kaneki looks at the sky, recalling Koutarou Amon's words. To him, the things corrupting the world are everything that exists in this world.

Touka lies on her bed holding Hikari Kirishima and Arata Kirishima's wedding ring, pondering what her parents meant when they said they said they would not leave her alone even though she was happy when they left. She curses Kaneki.


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