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Diversion (陽動, Yōdō) is the seventy-eighth chapter in Tokyo Ghoul.



Yukinori Shinohara and Iwao Kuroiwa overwhelm the One-Eyed Owl with consecutive strikes. The Kakuja Arata armor is difficult to control so, Take Hirako wonders whether the two investigators can withstand the ghoul's movements. The safety malfunctions in Shinohara's armor, and he feels the armor biting him. If this continues, he will be consumed.

As Shinohara struggles to retain control, the One-Eyed Owl asserts his perspective on the world. The world is full of sadness, anger, and people who scramble to kill. Consequently, both sides try to justify their actions and, the quinque symbolizes this viewpoint. A good reason to kill does not exist. The One-Eyed Owl announces that it's time so, he dashes out through a window while CCG investigators attempt to stop him. 

Iwao tries removing Shinohara's armor and requests medical help. Iwao recalls the previous battle ten years ago with the One-Eyed Owl. He couldn't attend it because he was receiving medical treatment. According to the report, there were injuries but nobody died. This battle followed the same outcome. 

At the intelligence base, Itsuki Marude receives a report of the raid. 98% of the Aogiri Tree ghouls have been exterminated and buildings 1 through 8 have been conquered. Just as Marude prepares to celebrate, he receives a call from the Main Office. There's an emergency. Kishou Arima requests Marude to relocate all their main troops to the 23rd Ward's Cochlea because it has been breached by Aogiri's main force. 

Tatara, Eto Yoshimura, and various Aogiri ghouls stand on top of a skyscraper. They managed to breach into the SS floor. Tatara calls humans idiots for falling for an idiotic diversion and that the CCG are laughable. They have accomplished their goal and decide to return to their base before Arima appears. 

Souta and Nico observe the Aogiri base from afar. Souta queries about the One Eyed King, but Nico tells him that the One Eyed King wasn't at the Aogiri base. Souta reminds Nico to keep in contact with the Clowns and then Nico places his mask on, revealing his status as a Clown too, and claims that he will be the one to have the last laugh.