Secret (秘密, Himitsu) is the seventy-fifth chapter in Tokyo Ghoul.

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Ken Kaneki asks Ayato Kirishima what he wanted to accomplish by joining the Aogiri Tree. Frustrated by Kaneki's talk, Ayato charges and rapidly launches attacks towards him. After the brief spout ends, Kaneki figures out that when Touka launched herself at Yamori, Ayato protected her. He states that if Ayato would not have intervened, Yakumo Oomori would have killed Touka Kirishima. Kaneki also mentions that he was surprised that Ayato had not killed Touka by the time he arrived at the rooftop. He states that if Ayato had a killing intent, he would have been able to kill her. Ayato denies these accusations. Mid-sentence, Kaneki catches him off-guard and kicks him to the ground.

Keeping his promise, Kaneki slams Ayato through the ground and states that he will half-kill him. When they hit the ground, Kaneki starts stating the ways he could half-kill Ayato. Kaneki decides that he will break one hundred and three of his bones, beginning from the arm up. Kaneki recites the names of the bones as he crushes them. After finishing, Kaneki tells him that Touka has experienced far more pain than the torture Ayato has undergone.

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