Spark (火花, Hibana) is the seventy-third chapter in Tokyo Ghoul.



Ayato ponders about what Ken Kaneki means by "half-killing." Kaneki mentions that Ayato is now at a disadvantage. He states that the reason Ayato has been distancing himself is to compensate for the lack of stamina which is common for Ukaku-type ghouls. The narrow passageway should prevent Ayato from spreading his wings and therefore make him unable to fight properly at close range. Ayato scoffs the idea that he is inadequate at close combat and then shouts that he specializes in it.

The battle between the Special Classes, Iwao Kuroiwa and Yukinori Shinohara, and the One-Eyed Owl ensues. Iwao notes the experimental Arata's defensive capabilities. Shinohara analyzes the Ukaku's fighting capabilities. The One-Eyed Owl is an Ukaku-type ghoul which are most skillful at long-range attacks but in close-combat, they have to anticipate kagunes sprouting from the One-Eyed Owl's shoulders. He infers that even if the One-Eyed Owl's stamina were to exhaust, they have a low chance of succeeding.

Shinohara reminisces Take Hirako's past. Hirako had average grades at the Academy. When he became an investigator, he was partnered with Kishou Arima who was twenty-two at the time. Arima and Hirako participated in the extermination of the Clowns. During the 24th Ward investigation, Hirako established himself as a reliable investigator. Hirako's collaboration with Arima lasted until he was promoted to First-Class investigator. Hirako recalls a training session with Arima where Arima scolds him for not being ambidextrous with a dual quinque. Hirako apologizes by saying he can't because he's a normal person. 

Hirako rushes toward the One-Eyed Owl and gets bashed in the head. While distracted, Iwao and Shinohara dash and simultaneously attack the One-Eyed Owl.