Siblings (姉弟, Kyōdai) is the seventieth chapter in Tokyo Ghoul.



As Ayato Kirishima continues to devour his sister's incomplete wing, Touka Kirishima recalls their time as children with their father, Arata Kirishima. While out with his two children, despite being ghouls, Arata accepts food prepared by Satou. He explains to the young Kirishimas what living in the human world as a ghoul meant — to behave as they do. At another point in time, the family finds an injured sparrow. They decide to care for it, Arata building a birdhouse and Ayato and Touka gather insects for the bird. A bandaged Arata compares Touka to her mother. While cooking for Oguchi, Arata tells the children what he expects of them: Touka to teach Ayato and Ayato to help his sister when she's in need. At night he leaves and starts to scavenge. He is spotted by Yukinori Shinohara and Kureo Mado, and comments on his thinness.

Touka lies on the ground beaten and bruised and starts to call for their father.

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