Deception (欺罔, Kimō) is the seventh chapter of the manga Tokyo Ghoul.



The three try looking for the CD, but to no avail. Nishiki Nishio abruptly concludes that he left the disk at home and suggests that they go there. Ken Kaneki realizes that Nishiki uses his docile manner in order to deceive humans, and then decides to accompany Hideyoshi Nagachika for his safety. They head to Nishiki’s home while he makes a phone call, and Kaneki and Hide start chatting about Nishiki, saying he is actually someone Hide might hate.

Nishiki treats the boys to Taiyaki, which Kaneki puts away, saying that he would eat it later. Kaneki seems to be amazed by the fact that Nishio was able to eat the piece of fish without purging but doubts his actions afterward. The fact that Nishiki’s presence as a normal human college student is flawless impresses Kaneki, but he also notes that the injury Nishio sustained, via Touka Kirishima's blow, to his neck has not fully healed.

The walk home turns out to be a clever ambush set by Nishio, as he corners the two boys. He unexpectedly kicks Hide, knocking him unconscious, and begins to ridicule Kaneki. He mentions that when ghouls see the look on a human's face after recognizing betrayal, it makes the moment even more appetizing. Nishio then accuses Kaneki of wanting the eat Hide, to which Kaneki responds that he is different from the ghouls. Nishiki gets angry on Touka’s terms after hearing something like this. Nishio notes Kaneki's body to be fragile and starts to vomit out the contents of the fish he ate earlier onto Hide.

He presumptuously puts a right foot on Hide’s face, much to Kaneki’s dismay.

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