Ghoul (喰種, Gūru) is the sixty-third chapter in Tokyo Ghoul.



Seeing Kouto and Kei in front of him, Ken Kaneki begins to question as to why Yamori hadn't let them go, making him realize the suffering he's in endured was all for nothing. Not being able to choose who should die, he exclaims that if someone were to die, it should be him. Hearing this, Yamori decides who to kill himself. Before he could do so, Nico calls him out for being to cruel with how he does things, in response it sends Yamori into a rage, brutally choking Kouto and then impaling his mother.

After Yamori leaves the room Kaneki starts to break down blaming himself for what has happened to them. Rize Kamishiro starts to blame him for everything that's happened in his life that has lead him up to this. Coming to the conclusion, that he can't let anybody threaten his peace, and whoever does, won't be shown any mercy. Breaking away from the chair, he begins to devour Rize, accepting the ghoul inside him.

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