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Glimmer (微光, Bikō) is the sixty-first chapter in Tokyo Ghoul.



Ken Kaneki dreams fondly of his mother, who tells him that "instead of being a person that hurts others, become the person getting hurt". She says that a kind person will be happy with that. The next page shows Kaneki alone and tied to a wooden chair as he mumbles mother.

The scene switches to 10 days earlier when Yamori first lead Kaneki into the room to be tortured. In the room, Kaneki sees Yamori's previous torture victim, with a bucket of toes between his legs. Kaneki wonders if the victim is dead. Then Yamori asks if Kaneki knows about RC suppressants, which allow ghouls to be injured like humans, and where such an injection is given. When Kaneki answers "no", he plunges the syringe filled with RC suppressants into Kaneki's left eye. Yamori tells him that even ghouls are weak where a mucous membrane is exposed. Kaneki finally realizes he was targeted for torture from the very beginning. Yamori tells him the torture will be worse than he can imagine.

On the next page, Yamori begins to torture Kaneki, who thinks to himself that the torture is really worse than he imagined. Yamori cuts out Kaneki's toes with a plier, and Kaneki screams. He tells Kaneki to count down from 1000 by 7. At first, Kaneki does not know why he was told to do so, but then he realizes it was so he can remain conscious and he didn't go crazy through torture. With his ghoul power suppressed, Kaneki feels human and weak. When the effects the RC suppressent wears off, Yamori feeds him and waits for him to heal before torturing him again. This is done repeatedly.

When Yamori can no longer control himself, he calls over Nico and stabs him. Over half of Nico's stomach is destroyed, but Nico heals imediately while looking delighted. The meaningless torture makes Kaneki feel hopeless and he thinks that he would feels more at ease if he was tortured for a secret.

Then Yamori tells him how he discovered he enjoyment for torturing others. It was as a prisoner in the Ghoul Detention Center when he was still called Jason. Yamori was tortured by an insane investigator for information on the 13th ward. He mentions that the Clowns were just coming to power. Under torture, Yamori blamed his misfortune on his lack of ability. Desperate to escape the pain as the days dragged on, he began to imagine that he was investigator instead of the victim. When he took on the role of his torturer, their roles reversed in reality. Though he was only able to torture the investigator for an hour, he felt like he was truly human. It was an unforgettable excitement, and it was from the investigator that he learned about the injections and how to torture ghouls.

Yamori tells Kaneki humans and ghouls die easily, but Kaneki is the exception because of Rize Kamishiro's regenerative power. He tells Kaneki about Kanou using Rize to create half ghoul. Yamori then puts a red-headed centipede into Kaneki's ear, as he begs Yamori not to. Kaneki hears someone laughing in the distance. Then he realizes that it is his own voice. Kaneki thinks it would be nice to go mad like he is now. He begs to be killed.

Kaneki wonders if Touka Kirishima and Hideyoshi Nagachika are okay, and whether he grew to be a person his mother would be proud of. It is then that Rize appears in his mind. Rize tells him he is boring and that he is actually thinking that his mother's teachings are wrong. The chapter ends with Rize cupping Kaneki's face while saying his name. 


  • The first time kaneki's hair turns white is in this chapter.