Crooked Smile (歪笑, Waishō) is the fifty-eighth chapter in Tokyo Ghoul.



Ken Kaneki engages in a one-on-one battle with the Bin Brother whom was attacking Kazuichi Banjou, and manages to knock him down, when the other brother appears. However, before he can join the battle, Yamori unexpectedly appears, dragging Kei and Usu and holding the decapitated heads of Moku and Tetsu. Nico also arrives, holding Kouto. Usu, who is severely wounded, apologizes to a distraught Banjou, stating that they were ambushed. Yamori makes a deal with Banjou's group, offering to spare their lives in return for taking Kaneki, stating that he wishes to use him as his subordinate. At first, Kaneki is reluctant to agree and believes that Yamori is lying to him. Yamori threatens to kill Kei immediately if Kaneki does not choose to go with him, and this provokes the Bin Brothers to state that they disapprove of Yamori's ways. However, when Nico says that it doesn't matter that Yamori is not loyal to Aogiri Tree, the Bin Brothers lose interest and leave. Once again, Yamori asks Kaneki whether he is going to go with him in order to save his friends. Banjou tries to persuade Kaneki not to agree, but for the sake of protecting his friends, Kaneki decides to go with Yamori, satisfying him. Yamori assures Kaneki that he is kind to his subordinates. He then quietly orders Nico to put the remaining of Banjou's group in his isolation cell.

At Anteiku, Touka Kirishima is worried about Kaneki while she and the other members are in a meeting. Yoshimura announces that he believes that they will not have any more contact with Kaneki.

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