Plunder (強奪, Gōdatsu) is the fifty-second chapter of the manga Tokyo Ghoul.

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Touka Kirishima puts up a resistance, saying that she would not let them take Ken Kaneki. She charges toward Yamori, but is quickly thrown to the ground. He then grabs Kaneki by the throat, and slams him into a wall. Kaneki activates his kakugan, and Yamori is shocked that he is a One-eyed ghoul. Touka is enraged, and she attempts to make another strike against Yamori. She is instead confronted by Ayato Kirishima, who punches her in the face. They begin to argue about their father, and with her kagune activated she prepares to fight him. Ayato pledges to show her that ghouls are above humans; and using his own kagune, he takes her down effortlessly.

Ayato then orders Kazuichi Banjou to stuff an unconscious Kaneki in a bag, while Yamori calls Tatara to tell him of their discovery of the One-Eye.

Yoshimura and Renji Yomo arrive, and upon realizing that Kaneki was taken, he decides to shut down Anteiku for a while.

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