Edict (勅令, Chokurei) is the fifty-first chapter in Tokyo Ghoul.



Yoshimura and Renji Yomo roam the 20th ward, where they converse about a group of ghouls called Aogiri Tree, led by the One-Eyed King. Yoshimura then senses that Ken Kaneki might be in trouble, deciding to return to Anteiku.

Kazuichi Banjou wakes up and Kaneki brings him a glass of water. Kaneki then apologizes about earlier, but is told that he is indeed stronger than he looks. Kaneki insists that he had no sort of relationship with Rize Kamishiro, and Banjou bows in apology, admitting that Kaneki’s scent is different from Rize’s. Kaneki concludes that Banjou isn’t a bad ghoul. When Banjou asks where Rize is, Kaneki says that she moved from Anteiku, instead of saying that Rize was already dead. Banjou then asks a favor of Kaneki, to inform Rize that the One-Eyed King of Aogiri Tree is after her, and that she must run away. Banjou also mentions that Aogiri will soon come to the 20th ward, therefore telling Kaneki that he must run away too.

Ayato Kirishima suddenly shatters a glass window, barging into Anteiku and kicking Banjou, breaking his bones in the process. Ayato then threatens to give Banjou another beating. Touka Kirishima suddenly intervenes, and shocked to see her younger brother, she asks where he wandered off to. Kaneki then realizes that Ayato is Touka’s younger brother.

Yamori and Nico arrive, and Ayato becomes agitated at the fact that Yamori had come to Anteiku before him. Nico, due to his high sense of smell, reveals that Kaneki is indeed the one that "smells like Rize", and should therefore be taken back to the 11th ward.

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