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Alias (偽名, Gimei) is the forty-seventh chapter in Tokyo Ghoul.



At the Commission of Counter Ghoul Headquarters, Koutarou Amon is continually doing investigations without getting any proper sleep. He is offered to investigate “Rabbit,” but turns down the opportunity. It is revealed that the 20th ward has become a dangerous place, and that Amon blames himself over Kureo Mado’s death; therefore becoming fully dedicated to his work.

Ken Kaneki tells Itori of his experience with the Gourmet ghoul, but she nevertheless berates him for not getting information on the Gourmet club. Itori mentions that “Rize Kamishiro” doesn’t exist, and that she supposedly changed her name to that. She also suggests that Kaneki research more about Rize’s backstory before she came to the 20th ward.

On the way back home, Kaneki bumps into a young boy whom he notes to have a very delicious scent. Before he could even notice, his wallet was already stolen. The boy finds a hiding alley, and starts to examine Kaneki’s library card, money, license and Student ID. He notes that he can’t eat anything wholesome with just three thousand yen, but unbeknownst to him, three ghouls are waiting ahead to kill and eat him.

Kaneki tells Touka Kirishima and Hideyoshi Nagachika of his pick pocket incident. It turns out that Nishiki Nishio is working at Anteiku, under the manager whom has decided to provide him with meat, so that he could live a relatively crime free life. When Nishiki expresses his ideas of humans and ghouls co-existing, Kaneki realizes that he has changed. It is also made known that more Commission of Counter Ghoul personnel have been dispatched to all the wards of Tokyo.

The pick-pocket from earlier is approached by the three ghouls, but as they eventually beg for him to spare them; he subsequently slits their throats.