Invitation (招待, Shōtai) is the fortieth chapter in Tokyo Ghoul.



Ken Kaneki starts getting nightmares about the dreadful experience he had at Shuu Tsukiyama’s Ghoul Restaurant, but wakes up in Anteiku. He is introduced to a bird which Hinami Fueguchi has found and decided to take care of until the rightful owner showed up. They decide to name the bird ‘Hetare’.

Renji Yomo mentions that Kaneki should not have gone to the restaurant in the first place, and that he shouldn’t take the things Itori says too seriously. Kaneki remembers seeing the ghouls and how they laughed as humans were being injured to be left bleeding. Yoshimura explains how a ghoul truly feels about killing humans, comparing it to when humans eat meat or fish.

Touka Kirishima tells Kaneki that he has a visitor downstairs, to which Kaneki gets anxious, wondering if it is Tsukiyama. It turns out to be Kimi Nishino, who asks Kaneki for help-for Nishiki Nishio’s wound had not healed. Kaneki promises her to get into contact with someone he knows. On the way home, Kimi is abducted by Tsukiyama, asking her the favor of just cooperating with him for a little while.

Kaneki suddenly finds a letter with a rose on the patio of the coffee shop, whereby he suddenly finds out that Tsukiyama has taken Kimi hostage.

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