Slide (滑台, Suberidai) is the thirty-fourth chapter in Tokyo Ghoul.



Itori first refers to Ken Kaneki as “Kanekichi,” mentioning that Uta and Renji Yomo talk about him very often. Itori also identifies Kaneki as very kind hearted and innocent, telling him that she had been acquainted with Yomo and Uta ever since they all resided in the 4th ward. It is made known that when they were in their teens, both Uta and Yomo caused wreckage for the 4th ward.

Itori gives Kaneki a glass of blood to drink, but when he resists, she splashes it in his face. This immediately earns her the opportunity of ripping off his eye-patch to expose his one kakugan eye. Kaneki learns that there are other one-eyed ghouls besides him, and that a one-eyed ghoul is highly superior to a full bodied ghoul. Kaneki is warned to not get involved with the One-Eye, for it is rumored that he practices cannibalism and is extremely dangerous. It is revealed that the current rumors are about Kaneki himself, and the death of Rize Kamishiro. Itori tells him that Rize was killed deliberately, and because he was bait for her death, he was dragged into turning a one-eyed ghoul by chance.

Kaneki begs Itori to tell him who had killed Rize, but Itori makes a deal with him - he must trade her information on the Gourmet and what is inside the Ghoul Restaurant.

Trivia Edit

  • In the English edition of Volume 4, the One-Eyed King is mistakenly mentioned in Ken Kaneki's thoughts. Correctly, it should state "(that other) One-Eye" which refers to Eto Yoshimura.


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