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Gourmet (美食, Bishoku) is the thirty-second chapter in Tokyo Ghoul.



A man breaks into a young woman’s house, which he may seem to have known for a long time.

Ken Kaneki and Touka Kirishima are seen training, where Touka reminds him that he needs more muscle, and that the Ghoul Investigators will be even more dangerous from now on wards. Touka also advises Kaneki that he should begin using Rize Kamishiro’s Kagune, to which he said that he’d rather do without, since he can’t even control it. Renji Yomo approaches them, and compliments Kaneki’s dodging, but criticizes every other aspect of his fighting skills. Yomo decides to train Kaneki, but realizes that the blows are too light, so he decides to let Touka join in as well. Both Touka and Kaneki turn out to be no match for Yomo.

The young woman from earlier is seen walking on the streets, and both her eyes have been gouged out.

On the news, it is made known that “The Gourmet” has been active since the death of Rize. The same man from earlier enters Anteiku, noting the atmosphere within the coffee shop to have a nice smell. He seems to know both Touka and Kaya Irimi, and commends Kaneki for his stand against Koutarou Amon. Touka orders him to leave, which he obediently does, but promises Kaneki that they’d meet again to have some coffee. Touka also advises Kaneki not to get involved with The Gourmet, for he’s troublesome and a nuisance to the 20th ward.

At his supposed dinner table, he is revealed to be Shuu Tsukiyama, the Gourmet ghoul, and has a strong interest in Kaneki’s scent.