Bitter Taste (苦味, Nigami) is the thirtieth chapter in Tokyo Ghoul.



News of Kureo Mado’s death hit the media, and it is made known that the Commission of Counter Ghoul investigators are making plans to advance their investigation on the “Rabbit.” Ken Kaneki visits Doctor Akihiro Kanou for a checkup, whereby Kanou mentions that Kaneki is doing just well but doesn’t seem to know that he turned a ghoul upon receiving Rize Kamishiro’s organs. Kaneki suspects that Kanou may know everything, but is just hiding the truth, and begins to wonder if his Rc Levels are the same as any human though he may be a ghoul now. Dr. Kanou mentions that Rize had a family.

In class, Kaneki and Hideyoshi Nagachika dicuss the “Rabbit” and “Daughter” ghoul investigation with reference to a news article. Kaneki however, grows deeply frightened at how well Hide perceives Hinami’s situation and how she came about to murder Mado, but he decides to hide his anxiety. Kaneki also questions Hide on such an inference, to which Hide immediately pulls out a novel he had been reading, noting it to be really interesting; about Ghoul psychology, Biology, examples of Ghoul Investigations and many other things. Hide even suggests that he start investigating the “Daughter” ghoul himself.

At Anteiku, Kaneki has become very famous for taking on Koutarou Amon, with many ghoul customers praising him. Kaneki apologizes to Yoshimura for all the trouble he had caused for the 20th ward, but Yoshimura dismisses it and thanks him. Kaneki also finds out that Hinami has moved to Touka Kirishima’s house.

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