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Worst (最悪, Saiaku) is the third chapter of the manga Tokyo Ghoul.



Touka Kirishima notices that only one of Ken Kaneki’s eyes are red. She questions his refusal to eat the disembodied hand. She realizes that Kaneki was not eaten, and must have been associated with Rize Kamishiro. Kaneki returns to his senses when he hears his ring tone and goes home to get ready for bed. He listens to the voice message sent by Hideyoshi Nagachika. Hide offers him the class notes he missed while reminding him of Sen Takatsuki’s book-signing event at the bookstore.

Kaneki visits the bookstore only to see the event is already over, subsequently deciding to head back home. Kaneki’s hunger strikes again in the form of craving human meat. In his internal monolog, he ponders over the people who walk by him and how much he desires their flesh. He rushes to a public bathroom where he lapses into the scrutiny of his eye. He angrily punches the mirror, breaks it, and cuts his hand, only for it to instantly heal back.

Back home, Kaneki relates The Black Goat's Egg to his current situation. It is about a mysterious serial killer who is a serial killer and her only son is the protagonist. He deduces that Rize’s organs were transplanted to him and decides to rip them out. Despite his best efforts, the kitchen knife gets bent. Kaneki's hunger takes its toll and he contemplates eating human flesh. He visits Anteiku to ask Touka for help while saying that his life has been "terrible."

Touka says no and mocks him, informing him that he is now "half-human half-ghoul," then asks him to tell her what human food tastes like. She reveals what a ghoul's terrible life truly is like while lamenting how they are hunted daily by ghoul investigators and other ghouls. Touka tells him that she was born into this life and suggests that he should die on his own.

They are interrupted by Yoshimura, the owner of the café, who offers Kaneki help. Touka objects to her boss's decision, only to be reminded that helping a fellow ghoul is Anteiku’s policy. They lead Kaneki to an underground storage room, where Yoshimura gives Kaneki a small package of human meat.