Adversary (対者, Taisha) is the twenty-sixth chapter of the manga Tokyo Ghoul.

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Koutarou Amon refuses to listen to Ken Kaneki, and the two proceed to fight. Kaneki, by comparing Amon's kick to Nishiki Nishio's, notices that his movements have gotten better, as he was able to dodge them. Kaneki then decides to provoke Amon further, thinking that his abilities would solidify by doing so.

Amon takes out his quinque once again, making it harder for Kaneki to avoid his attacks. Kaneki suddenly bites Amon, and goes into an internal monologue, where he conveys the fact that ghouls are overwhelmed by hunger, concluding that it feels pleasurable to satisfy their appetite, but it is a trait that is only natural for ghouls.

Kaneki unleashes his kagune and charges toward Amon, promising not to lose sight of himself. Amon is surprised to see that Kaneki broke his quinque, shocked at the fact that there is such a ghoul that resides at the 20th ward. However, Kaneki begins to cry and begs Amon to run away, warning him that he would be killed if he were to stay. Amon rejects at first, but upon seeing Kaneki's tears, he is taken aback.

Kureo Mado battles Hinami Fueguchi, costing him his right hand, only to see the source of his injury to be Hinami's activated chimera kagune.

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