Newspaper (新聞, Shinbun) is the twenty-second chapter in Tokyo Ghoul.



At Anteiku, Hinami Fueguchi has a hard time sleeping. Ken Kaneki reads the newspaper and notices the case about Ippei Kusaba’s death. Kaneki starts to suspect Touka Kirishima for Kusaba’s death, to which she wittily admits, calling herself a murderer. Touka swears to not stop her killing spree until all the investigators are dead. Kaneki perceives Touka, who was born as a ghoul, to have a completely different value towards people’s lives than he ever did. It is revealed that Hinami hasn’t been eating or sleeping since her mother’s death. Touka discloses the fact that she indeed wanted to take revenge for Hinami, which is why she and Kaneki visited the Commission of Counter Ghoul in the first place. Touka then visits Hinami and comforts her, reassuring her that she’ll take care of everything. Hinami is given a newspaper with lots of kanji to read, to which she says she’ll ask Kaneki to teach her some words. Touka seems to be jealous about Hinami’s admiration for Kaneki’s intelligence.

Kureo Mado and Koutarou Amon are seen investigating a location. Mado quickly comes to the conclusion that Kaneki’s and Touka’s identities were made up; as well as the information they conveyed to the CCG. They leave the location, but Mado decides to stay and investigate a little further. While reading the newspaper, Hinami comes across an article of Kusaba’s death, and Touka’s promise comes to her head right away. Kaneki warns Touka about Hinami’s frequent oversleeping and the constant silence in her room. Worried, Touka checks her room, only to find that Hinami is missing, and the two are shocked to see her window open, considering that she had escaped through it.

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