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Incident (異変, Ihen) is the second chapter of the manga Tokyo Ghoul.



The media is curious about Ken Kaneki's operation. Akihiro Kanou holds a press conference explaining the incident and the actions taken following the operation. The media wonder why he let the woman, Rize Kamishiro, die. Kanou explains that her death was certain by the time she was brought in.

Later, Kaneki tries to convince himself that the incident was a dream, however, the scar on his stomach tells him otherwise.

Kaneki's health is reviewed by Kanou and he asks Kaneki why he is not eating the food. Kaneki tastes more of the food after meeting with Kanou, yet, he reprimands the food. Kaneki discovers that everything tastes repulsive to him. He notices that even though he never eats, he rarely gets hungry. He jokes, "Maybe I am turning into an insect too," referring to a book by the author Franz Kafka.

After his release from the hospital, Kaneki gets invited to Big Girl Restaurant by his best friend Hideyoshi Nagachika. They order food. He heaves, "It is like I'm chewing pig intestines!" after biting into a burger.

After leaving Big Girl, Kaneki picks up a ball from the street and returns it to the little girl who dropped it. Kaneki instantly gets attracted to the smell of flesh, but swallows his drool and returns home.

At home, Kaneki watches a broadcast about ghouls. Hisashi Ogura, the "ghoul specialist," says ghouls feel the urge to vomit after tasting food and that all food make ghouls nauseous. This is when Kaneki realizes that the organs implanted in him have manifested symptoms of a ghoul. Kaneki panics and eats everything in his refrigerator, but everything tastes disgusting.

Kaneki goes outside to relax when he sees a girl bothered by an adult male. Kaneki recognizes the girl and gets the urge to taste her flesh. The man approaches Kaneki and Kaneki responds by yelling at him while unconsciously glaring at him with his one-eyed kakugan. Touka Kirishima cuts the man's head in half, picks up his severed arm, and offers it to Kaneki.


  • There is a typo with Ghoul Researcher Ogura Hisahi saying "now" instead of "not."