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Tragedy (悲劇, Higeki) is a special remake of the first chapter of Tokyo Ghoul, in celebration of the series' 5th anniversary.



Humans are thought to be at the top of the food chain. However, there are beings that resemble humans, have red eyes, and prey on humans — ghouls.

At Anteiku, the news announces several murders that have been occurring in the 20th ward and are thought to be committed by a single ghoul. Hideyoshi Nagachika mocks Ken Kaneki, saying that he would get eaten by a ghoul immediately because he is a scrawny bookworm. Kaneki questions whether ghouls exist, to which Hide repeats that they resemble and live among humans, hoping for Kaneki to notice the "ghoul" that is closest to him. He contemplates if Hide was implicitly telling him that he is a ghoul, but Hide states that Kaneki does not understand his true form.

While ordering coffee, Hide abruptly approaches the waiter, Touka Kirishima, asking for her name and whether she is taken, causing her to anxiously run away. Kaneki is shocked by Hide's actions but Hide reminds him that the reason they are at Anteiku is to meet the girl he assumes Kaneki has a crush on, hence why he wanted to have a head start by approaching her. Just as Kaneki is about to tell him who he has a crush on, Rize Kamishiro walks into the store, causing him to interrupt his sentence. Hide suggests talking about poop because Kaneki has no chance of ending up with Rize. Kaneki states that Rize has smiled back at him so he thinks he might have a chance. After giving some advice, Hide remembers his shift and leaves Anteiku, saying goodbye to Kaneki and Touka.

Kaneki continues pondering about Rize, stating that he would love to talk about books with her, just as they coincidentally take out Sen Takatsuki's The Black Goat's Egg while looking at each other.

Later, Hide and Kaneki have lunch while Kaneki talks about how he managed to score a date with Rize, to Hide's surprise. Kaneki gets worked up and starts asking for advice on what to wear, but Hide suggests wearing a swimsuit and asks whether Kaneki has decided on a location.

After spending time a bookstore, Rize dines with Kaneki, talking about their favorite plot points from various stories. Kaneki stares at her breasts while Rize mentions Takatsuki's writer's block, then gets nervous while asking why she has not eaten her sandwich, to which she replies that she is full.

They meet outside, having finished their date, but Kaneki convinces Rize to walk somewhere with him because there are still many books and subjects he would love to talk about. She hesitates but accepts.

Kaneki mentions what motivated him to start reading books. His father died when he was young so the only way he could bond with his father was through reading the books that he left behind, also because he felt lonely. His mother died so he technically lives with his aunt, and he gets anxious talking about depressing topics. Rize shares a similar background, running away from her home and constantly getting in trouble with her father, so she understands Kaneki's feelings.

She approaches Kaneki and suddenly bites him, revealing her kakugan and that she anticipated knowing what Kaneki tasted like. Wounded, Kaneki starts running away to no avail, as Rize wraps her kagune around his legs, pierces his abdomen, and throws him toward construction panels. She walks up to Kaneki's unconscious body when suddenly steel beams fall on her, knocking her out. Bystanders notice the accident and call an ambulance.

At the hospital, doctors rush to transplant Rize's organs onto Kaneki, disregarding her family's consent in order to save his life. Kaneki then wakes up with a kakugan on his left eye. Given neither talent nor glory, the tragedy unfolds.