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Rabbit Mask (兎面, Usagi-men) is the seventeenth chapter in Tokyo Ghoul.



Kureo Mado announces that they try searching for case 745, which is Ryouko Fueguchi's daugher, Hinami Fueguchi. He also mentions that soon, everyone in the Commission of Counter Ghoul will be basking in the glory of victory.

Koutarou Amon, Ippei Kusaba and Yasutomo Nakajima go out to have dinner, where they talk about case 696 and the laws taught at the CCG academy. On the way out, they mention that case 723, Ryouko, was much similar to the ‘Binge Eater’, Rize, and how much they’re willing to investigate ‘the Gourmet’. Kusaba also talks about his admiration for Amon. Suddenly, Kusaba’s face is slashed, and Nakajima notices a girl with a Rabbit mask. When Touka Kirishima attempts to attack Nakajima, Amon steps in front, reassuring that the opponent is in fact a ghoul from the way she carries herself.

When Touka lets out her Kagune, Amon notes that she is an Ukaku; an instantaneous type, saying that he’d be killed if he were to take a hit from the claws on her Kagune. Mado then intervenes, advising that Amon keep his composure, and decides to show him how to use a quinque. Mado is surprised at how well Touka dodges his moves, and relates her abilites to that of Asaki, Ryouko’s husband. Through Mado, it is made known that Ukaku ghouls characteristically have dull attacks when reliance on speed is cut off, as they lack stamina and can’t go on too long if the battle continues.

Touka becomes weak, and is beaten down by Mado, but as he gets ready to lauch another attack, Touka escapes. Mado also mentions that CCG Investigators have died because of these types of Ukaku ghouls, realizing Touka to be a “Rabbit” ghoul.

It is shown that Touka’s arm is seriously injured.