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Confinement (幽囚, Yūshū) is the sixteenth chapter in Tokyo Ghoul.



Touka Kirishima returns home from school, to see Anteiku closed. She enters the shop, meeting Yoshimura, whom requests she come upstairs. Seeing distraught facial expressions, Touka senses that something might be wrong, to which Yoshimura admits that Ryouko Fueguchi was killed by Ghoul Investigators.

Touka becomes angry, and asks about Hinami Fueguchi, to which Yoshimura says he’ll be keeping her at Anteiku, but she will have to move to the 24th Ward when the time is right. Touka objects, saying that she won’t be able to live alone, and that they should kill the investigators before they gather information on Hinami.

Yoshimura mentions that they shouldn’t, as the Commission of Counter Ghoul will perceive the 20th ward to be filled with war like ghouls, and they might send in more investigators until the ghouls are all hunted down. Touka notes this idea to be pathetic, but Yoshimura points out that what’s truly pitiful is the notion of having a cycle of vengeance to the point where one doesn’t live their own life. Touka starts to believe he is talking about her. The manager then warns Anteiku to be cautious, and thanks Ken Kaneki for keeping Hinami safe.

Kaneki blames himself, saying that if only he was as strong as Touka, he would’ve been able to do something. The stress takes it’s toll on him, thinking himself to be wrong and useless for not helping save Ryouko.

Touka is seen on the roof of a building, preparing to wipe out Ryouko’s enemies, as she sees two investigators walking on the street below her.