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Gracious Disorder (畏錯, Isaku) is the one hundred thirty-ninth chapter of the manga Tokyo Ghoul.



With IXA jammed through his left eye, Ken Kaneki screams in pain and held his face in pure terror. Pulling the quinque out of his head with his kagune, he begins rambling to himself. Staring at Kishou Arima, he releases his kagune, which the ghoul investigator effortlessly dodges. Though his mind is in complete disarray, Kaneki manages to recite a poem by Hakushū to calm himself down, causing Arima to recognize Kaneki. Arima fires lightning bolts with Narukami while telling Kaneki that no ghoul bypasses V14.

Kaneki runs from the lightning bolts. Arima uses IXA's remote activation to barrage Kaneki with more attacks. Kaneki manages to find an opportunity to strike. But much to his horror, his attack is nullified by IXA's defensive mode.

However, in Arima's point of view, a slight crack appears on IXA. The latter compliments Kaneki for this accomplishment before piercing the boy entirely, leaving him critically injured. He lodges his weapon straight into Kaneki's head, stating that he needs a new quinque.


  • The poem recited by Kaneki is Oshi Ainu no uta by Kitahara Hakushū.
  • The reading of the chapter title references the chapter number: In Japanese, i(chi) = 1, sa(n) = 3 and k(y)u = 9.