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Corpse Bloom (屍爛, Shiran) is the one hundred thirty-eighth chapter of the manga Tokyo Ghoul.



Ken Kaneki walks into V14 and approaches Kishou Arima. The butchered corpses of Black Dobers and Apes occupy the scenery as that of a mad cannibal's slaughter fest. He reaches the end of his quest. Death, sorrow, and despair overwhelm Kaneki's thoughts while pondering if their efforts had been for naught. For what have they fought? Still perplexed, Kaneki wonders if he is next.

Yoshitoki Washuu contemplates on how the One-Eyed Owl bypassed CCG's view. Had the Owl traveled through the blockade, it would have been reported. Meanwhile, Arima's task was to ambush ghouls underground. It would have been impossible to exit the underground without passing through V14.

The One-Eyed Owl continues stabbing Yukinori Shinohara. Juuzou Suzuya throws Scorpion 1/56 at the Owl in vain. Koori Ui orders Juuzou to withdraw when suddenly Take Hirako carries Juuzou's unconscious body. By Yoshitoki's command, Mougan Tanakamaru, Hachikawa Squad, and Hirako confront the Owl.

Kaneki slipped into a battle with Arima and in a blink of an eye, the ghoul investigator had moved away and activated IXA's attack which took the form of a giant pillar made of quinque steel and it pierced Kaneki right through his stomach. Stunned, the boy quickly recuperates from the shock and reaches out for another attack. Just as when he dashes away, Arima impales Kaneki's eye with IXA.


  • The reading of the chapter title, shiran, is also the Japanese name of the flower that prominently appears in the chapter, the Bletilla striata, or hyacinth orchid.