Overflowing Flowers (溢花, Itsuka) is the one hundred thirty-seventh chapter of the manga Tokyo Ghoul.

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Koori Ui swings Chi She at the One-Eyed Owl. The Owl launches ukaku shards at Ui, overwhelming and knocking him back. The Owl begins to approach Yukinori Shinohara, looming over him, the owl cuts his leg off and eats it, while Juuzou watches.

He remembers his training under Shinohara. Shinohara would admonish Juuzou for hurting civilians. Worried about his behavior, Shinohara requested Juuzou to first do to him what Juuzou would do to others whenever he got angry. Shinohara helped Juuzou study for the promotion exam, which he passed.

Just as the Owl stabs Shinohara's abdomen, Juuzou screams at the scene before him.

After recovering his senses and noticing that Hide is gone, Ken Kaneki confronts Kishou Arima.

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