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Festival Open (祭開, Saikai) is the one hundred thirty-second chapter of the manga Tokyo Ghoul.



Enji Koma chases Mougan Tanakamaru after breaking Higher Mind's fuel tank. Mougan turns around, changes Higher Mind's mode, and slams Koma. Ken Kaneki appears and cuts Higher Mind, immobilizing it. He escorts Koma out of the subway.

Kaneki confronts Hachikawa Squad. Kaya Irimi states the investigators' skills and advises Kaneki that Take Hirako is the most dangerous one.

Hachikawa Squad simultaneously battle Kaneki. Kaneki breaks Ayumu Hogi and Kuramoto Itou's quinques. Hirako orders Kuramoto to retreat with Chuu Hachikawa and is defeated by Kaneki.

Irimi suggests meeting again at V14. Kaneki decides that he will assist Yoshimura against the Special Classes.

While the Special Classes struggle fighting Yoshimura, an investigator announces an emergency. A mysterious ghoul has neutralized Squad 2 and 3. Yoshitoki Washuu ponders the ghoul's identity.

On his way to Anteiku, Kaneki is stopped by Koutarou Amon.