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Acted Play (芸劇, Geigeki) is the one hundred twenty-ninth chapter of the manga Tokyo Ghoul.



Katsuya Mabuchi analyzes the CCG's power ratios and relocates the squads accordingly while prioritizing the civilians' lives.

Mougan Tanakamaru attempts striking Enji Koma with Higher Mind but misses. Koma rebukes Mougan's shouting and prepares to attack.

Kaya Irimi dodges Chuu Hachikawa's attacks. Just as when she strikes back, Take Hirako stabs her right shoulder with Yukimura 1/3.

Koutarou Amon leads Squad 4 while slaughtering multiple Apes. Meanwhile, Squad 1, which consists of Akira Mado, Seidou Takizawa, and Misato Gori, battle Apes nearby.

Kousuke Houji, Yukinori Shinohara, and Iwao Kuroiwa simultaneously attack the One-Eyed Owl. The Owl recuperates and overwhelms the Special Classes. Shinohara remains confident that they will defeat Owl.

Juuzou Suzuya abruptly appears with Koori Ui on Itsuki Marude's motorcycle. Juuzou leaps and hits the Owl while the motorcycle crashes and explodes.