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Homefront (銃後, Jūgo) is the one hundred twenty-third chapter of the manga Tokyo Ghoul.



Takizawa visits his parents' house. His mother, Michie, mentions that it is rare for him to visit home.

Seidou recalls the data on the Owl Suppression Operation. Kousuke Houji encouraged Seidou by telling him that Seidou will be back-support. Shinohara, Juuzou, Amon, and Akira Mado will be present during the battle. Houji hands him a paper to write his will.

While Seidou contemplates about what to write, Shinohara lectures Juuzou, telling him that he can write his will about thanking his colleagues or family.

Special Class Iwao Kuroiwa announces that he will participate in the Owl Suppression Operation.

Kuramoto Itou and Take Hirako discuss their wills. Hirako mentions that Arima always leaves a blank sheet of paper. Takamoto assumes that Arima does that because he is confident that he will not die. Hirako disagrees, he states that Arima spends a lot of time pondering what to write.

Marude gives a paper for Hideyoshi Nagachika to write his will on it. He states that Division II investigators almost never die. Marude reviews the mission. Their goal is to suppress the Owl that is hiding in Anteiku.

Seina visits Seidou. After Seidou calls her gaudy, she excuses herself.

In his room, Seidou remembers the information on the Owl. The Owl is confirmed to have six through eight kakuhou. In the previous battle, multiple Special Class investigators could not defeat the Owl. In his will, he pardons himself to his family, however, he scribbles the words, "I don't want to die," over the will.

Amon confronts Akira at the graveyard.


  • The color page of the chapter is the accompaniment to or other half of the color page of Chapter 125.