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Yellow Bell (黄鈴, Kirin) is the one hundred twenty-second chapter of the manga Tokyo Ghoul.



At the zoo, Juuzou Suzuya draws a giraffe. He recalls his past as a scrapper at a Ghoul Restaurant. He performed circus acts in order to satisfy his master, Big Madam. Fearing that Juuzou would eventually undergo puberty, Big Madam castrated Juuzou.

The CCG raided the restaurant and saved Juuzou. Investigators commended Juuzou's agility, flexibility, and reflexes. However, due to his moral apathy from being raised by ghouls, they refused to let Juuzou join the CCG. Yukinori Shinohara disagreed, stating that Juuzou was a victim. He proposed forgetting about Juuzou's past.

At the Academy, Juuzou confronted Goumasa Tokage who had finished skinning a cat. Instructors blamed the death of the animals on Juuzou in order to protect the staff's reputation.

Tsuneyoshi Washuu appointed Juuzou as a Rank 3 investigator and was partnered with Shinohara.

Shinohara meets Juuzou at the zoo to remind him of the Owl Suppression Operation. Juuzou states that whether he dies or not does not matter.

Takizawa ponders what to write his will about.