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Target (正鵠, Seikoku) is the one hundred twenty-first chapter of the manga Tokyo Ghoul.



Kaneki announces that he wants to disband the group and return to Anteiku. He understands Yoshimura's perspective and believes he can accomplish his goals even if he works with him. He requests everyone to follow him.

Banjou, his subordinates, and Hinami agree to follow Kaneki. Tsukiyama asks if he can join as well. Even though Kaneki does not trust him, he states that Tsukiyama can assist.

Touka wonders whether Kaneki will return to Anteiku or not.

At the CCG, Amon gives Akira a keychain that resembles Maris Stella. She compliments it by saying that it looks refined and intelligent. This is the first gift she has ever received from a man other than her father.

Yoshitoki and Marude discuss the prospects of the Owl Suppression Operation. Yoshitoki predicts that it will be a difficult mission and requests Marude to join him as vice-commander. Marude eagerly accepts his offer.

Roma and Enji ask Yoshimura what happened between him and Kaneki. He tells them that it is up to Kaneki if he wants to return to Anteiku but believes that he will return.

Marude and Yoshitoki request Tsuneyoshi's approval for the Owl Countermeasures Unit and permission for the Owl Suppression Operation. Their target is Anteiku.