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Old Nine (旧九, Kyūkyū) is the one hundred nineteenth chapter of the manga Tokyo Ghoul.



Roma Hoito, running Anteiku by herself at the moment, panics while wondering about what Kaneki and Yoshimura are conversing about.

Kaneki recalls how Yomo told him that Yoshimura is protecting the real Owl's identity. He tells Yoshimura that he is interested in Yoshimura's involvement with the Aogiri Tree.

In the third person, Yoshimura recollects his past under the name "Kuzen." He slaughtered both humans and ghouls. One day, V invited Kuzen to join them to which he accepted. Kuzen was hired as a hitman for V and would murder rival human or ghoul organizations. V provided shelter and food as compensation.

At a coffee store, he met Ukina. He bonded with her and she taught him how to read. He contemplated killing her before getting exposed, however, she accepted him and bore a child together. In order to nourish the baby, Ukina had to consume human flesh.

Kuzen eventually discovered Ukina's diary which documented information on V. V learned about Kuzen and Ukina's relationship and urged Kuzen to murder Ukina. After killing Ukina, he left his child under someone else's care in the 24th ward along with Ukina's diary.

Years later, he recognized the One-Eyed Owl as his child and became a substitute for her in order to prevent V from finding out.

Yoshimura advises Kaneki that he belongs among ghouls and humans. He insists that Kaneki should save others from loneliness and pleads Kaneki to save his child.

Touka arrives at Anteiku and is informed that Kaneki just left. She runs outside and confronts Kaneki.


  • The chapter title's reading, Kyūkyū, also means "emergency." This is a pun on the chapter number: In Japan, the emergency phone number is 119.
  • The chapter title might also be a reference to the tarot card The Hermit. In that sense, the title would refer to Yoshimura as the "Old Hermit."