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Unlock (解錠, Kaijō) is the one hundred eighteenth chapter of the manga Tokyo Ghoul.



Hideyoshi Nagachika greets Touka Kirishima at Kamii University. She inquiries about Ken Kaneki's personality. Hide recalls that Kaneki was a shy bookworm and would frequently get bullied. Regardless of how many times people teased Kaneki, he would ignore it. Kaneki's father died when he was young and his mother died from overwork. Hide notes Kaneki's loneliness after Kaneki's mother's death. During a play, Kaneki was forced to play the leading role which he acted well.

Touka interrupts Hide and insists that Kaneki must be somewhere safe reading his books. Hide mentions Kaneki's habit of placing his hand on his chin whenever Kaneki lies.

At the Special Class Investigator Meeting, the CCG discuss the Centipede. Yoshitoki confirms that there are two different Owls.

Kaneki visits Anteiku. He speculates that the leader of the Aogiri Tree, the One-Eyed Owl, is Yoshimura's child.


  • The book one of Kaneki's classmates read out loud was Mother Goose (まざあぐうす, Mazā Gūsu), a collection of translations from 1921 by Hakushū Kitahara.